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Blatant Shannon has 6 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in Medical-Surgical.

Despite the number of years of experience listed on this site, I have about 4 years of total floor experience. 

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  1. I'm moving back from an Educator role to bedside. Fun times during Covid. 

  2. Blatant Shannon

    Nursing Clinical Educator, HELP!

    Sounds like you're juggling a few things in life. Big things. It will be overwhelming and frustrating. When I was in school for my MSNed, it was often frustrating on the response time from teachers and admins. That's just the way it is though. I was ...
  3. Blatant Shannon

    I Am Not Smart Enough For Nursing And I Have No Options

    I was 28 when I went back to school. The schooling was the hardest part of nursing all together. I didn't have any prior knowledge of how it was going to be, but I'll tell you a profound secret. Nursing is teamwork. You have resources in every ...
  4. Blatant Shannon

    How do I stop being so emotional as a new nurse?

    It does get better. You'll see the same scenarios over and over. It takes time to adjust to the hospital setting, it does get better. Learn what makes you happy and able to cope with the grief you see at work and do that. Some peeps try to leave it a...
  5. Blatant Shannon

    Things nurse students complain about

    Sounds like you need to vent. School is hard. Take a deep breath, and carry on.
  6. Blatant Shannon

    Waiting for my license

    I was in a rush to get my Florida license. It took about 4 weeks. I called every other day from week 3. If I'm a pain to them, the more likely they would look at my paperwork. I believe it worked since it normally takes 6-8 weeks to get approved.
  7. Blatant Shannon

    Mixing covid patients with non-covid

    Every hospital I've worked since Covid has mixed patients. Each of them on their own precautions. You're not alone!
  8. Blatant Shannon

    Night Shift - What You Didn’t Learn in Nursing School

    I remember when I worked nights. The admins always call midday and expect a return call during working hours. They knew that I worked the night shift. Such a pain. When I applied for my masters, I thought it was a circus when they "try to accommodate...
  9. Blatant Shannon

    In need of some good advice

    You know it. I will pray for your success. May you excel in all that you do.
  10. Blatant Shannon

    New Grad Job Searching without Referrals?

    It depends on a lot more than just that. But, if I was a new grad, then the answer would be yes. I took a position just like this for $24/hr. $45 is an excellent rate. You have to know that CNAs run a retirement home. You learn to really value and ap...
  11. Blatant Shannon

    Sabotaged at Work

    Sorry to hear about your situation. I have great news though. Nursing is one of those fields that is always in demand. Even during this time where people are scared of getting sick, you are valuable. I've seen nurses argue and fight with manage...
  12. dub dub dub. theblatantnurse (dot)c.o.m. 

    I have no regrets. Nurses need some humor in their lives, even if it is dark humor. 

  13. Blatant Shannon

    Should I drop my 6 weeks Microbiology course?

    Not going to lie, I did the same thing. I did classes back to back that were only 6 weeks long. I loved how short it was, but you're completely devoted to that class for 6 weeks. There was one point I was so hypoglycemic. But, I always told myself, "...
  14. Blatant Shannon

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Couldn't say it any better. I've worked for both union and non-union hospitals. Admins LOVE to use scare tactics on nurses, but I've only seen it done in union hospitals (not to say that it doesn't happen in non-union hospitals). I've seen the best t...
  15. Blatant Shannon

    Seeking advice on which job to take

    You have quite a choice to make. As a nurse, I always look at the team dynamics and informal leaders within the walls of any facility I am looking to work at. There's also the amount of learning you can gain from your team. I recommend choosing a pla...