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Hi! Nice to meet you! I love helping new nurses in all my various roles. I work in a hospital in Staff Development, and am a blogger and author.

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Nurse Beth has 30 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Med Surg, Tele, ICU, Ortho.

I love helping new nurses, and I blog about how to get hired and all things nursing at my award-winning blog, I authored the popular "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job" on Amazon! It's the ultimate guide with insider tips to land your nursing job!  Look for my latest book First-Year Nurse: Advice on Working with Doctors, Prioritizing Care, and Time Management,  published in 2020.

Here is a great & detailed review of my first book from Kyle Schmidt at I've worked Med Surg, Tele, GI, and ICU. I spent several years in Nursing Management, and currently work as a Staff Development Specialist. Plus a lot of fun side jobs ?

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  1. Nurse Beth

    Administrative Leave

    Sometimes an employee is placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of some sort. How has your general performance been? Were you aware of any medication errors, and have you had any written or verbal performance improvement conversation...
  2. Nurse Beth

    Worried About HIPAA Violations

    Hi Nurse Beth, I have a question … I admittedly have major anxiety. It affects my work being that I overthink and tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. I try to follow ALL the rules. HIPAA is something I am TERRIFIED of breaking and I’m 10000% s...
  3. Nurse Beth

    Can't Break into Case Management

    Dear Nurse Beth, I have been doing bedside nursing for 12 years, the past 3 years I have been in a management role. I want to transition to CM or Appeals or UM. I get to the interview process but because I don’t really have direct experience ...
  4. Nurse Beth

    FNP school is overwhelming, help

    Dear Nurse Beth, I've been a bedside nurse for 11 years and decided to go back to grad school for my FNP. Although I knew it would be hard work it was incredibly overwhelming and was causing me an immense amount of stress and anxiety. I decided ...
  5. Dear Nurse Beth, I have been a PCU/Step-down nurse for a little over 5 years. Stressful floor, we do insulin drips (I hear some PCU floors do not do them and only ICU at some hospitals, its hourly glucose checks and titration) heparin gtts, p...
  6. Dear Nurse Beth, How do I get off the ineligible for rehire list? 4 years ago I was placed not eligible for rehire however I feel like it was done maliciously. I never had a bad review or given a warning, but bc I only gave 1 week's notice fo...
  7. Dear Nurse Beth, I am 33 years old and going nuts debating whether to pursue my BSN degree. I am a motivated and hardworking individual with strong ambition, but I have a complicated life situation. I attained a B.A. in GIS after my college d...
  8. Dear Nurse Beth, I am 54. I have been a nurse since 2005. Worked in just about every department as a nurse. I now have DJD/arthritis in my spine. I am not disabled but do not need to work at the bedside anymore. So I am no longer working. I want...
  9. Dear Nurse Beth, I was fired from my last 2 hospital RN jobs due to calling in sick too often because I was ill mentally and physically. Then I spent 7 years on social security disability getting lots of treatment. Now I’m doing so much bette...
  10. Dear Nurse Beth, I have been asked to become a shift supervisor job on a very chaotic poorly run floor at my current hospital. From other staff members, it is burning down… I had already accepted a transfer to an ICU unit but now I don’t know...
  11. I wonder what is causing you to sabotage yourself.
  12. Dear Nurse Beth, I'm a nurse with 15 years of experience in a very small, rural hospital. After working med-surg, L&D, OP infusion/chemo, and a short stint as a nurse educator I wanted to finally get into critical care. I started a year a...
  13. Nurse Beth

    Is this despicable behavior?

    Dear Nurse Beth, I work on an ortho floor and had the displeasure of working with a CNA that is known for not pulling her weight on the floor and often found sitting on FB, online shopping, etc when she should be doing rounds. I needed help p...
  14. Dear Beth, I am a newish mom with a 16 month old baby at home. I have 5 years experience as a night shift telemetry/med surg nurse at a community hospital, but recently left due to burn out caused by higher patient acuity and ratios. ...
  15. Nurse Beth

    ADVICE PLEASE For A New Medsurge Nurse (Off Orientation)

    You are not failing, and you are being very hard on yourself. Most people have NO IDEA of the cognitive workload nurses face. Hang in there, it gets better ?