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  1. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    Yes, you should get your vaccine. It is not safe to get covid while you are pregnant. Our unit is still full of covid patients. However if you want to postpone your start date then ask HR. I postponed my start date since I was burned out from NCLEX. ...

    I work in a 60 bed observation unit so most rooms are double beds. Some patients leave AMA if they have to share with anyone. But when the hospital is full, we are always the only unit with beds and nurses. We even get direct patients from small hosp...
  3. IV insertion and travel nursing!

    I struggled with IVs all year. I took the online course "The IV guy" in Nov and offer to get IVs for my coworkers to practice. Now I am hitting most on the first try. I even got an IV for a travel nurse the other day. It is a good class and it has a ...
  4. New Grad through COVID

    My unit was a covid unit on my first day as a new nurse. I got 3 months of orientation with 1 preceptor for a month and another preceptor for 2 months. They both had 20+ years experience. My preceptors came with me to see my patients, teach me, or st...
  5. Yes, since the first nursing class at OU had so much research essays and discussion boards.
  6. Tips for floating

    I have not had good floating experiences. Last week I get sent to a floor with no charge nurse, got the assignment with the needy covid patient, bed alarm setter, confused patient who attacked his sitter at 5 am then the new patient coded after shift...
  7. Has anyone taken this online class for the RN -BSN? How was it?