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  1. UNBC NP 2022

    Full time is a 2-year program and part-time is a 3-year program. Full time students take 2 courses per semester and part time students take 1-2 courses per semester. There is a final year independent project. Hope this helps.
  2. UNBC NP 2022

    So, they started to send out admission decision?! 👀👀
  3. UNBC NP 2022

    I have no idea about how many applicants this year 👀 Someone said UNBC only offers 20 seats and only 12 are full-time seats… So, what we can do now is to wait until April 🤞 Anyway, hope we will get into the program together 😊
  4. UVIC NP 2022

    Have you heard any response from UNBC yet?
  5. UVIC NP 2022

    Did you apply the NP Program at UNBC for 2022?
  6. UNBC NP 2022

    Hi! I am wondering if there is any UNBC NP applicant for 2022? 😊
  7. NP Program UBC/UVIC

    Just wonder if there is any admission interview for UVIC NP Program? Thanks!
  8. UNBC NP Program

    Just wonder if there is any admission interview for unbc NP?
  9. Bloomberg U of T NP 2021

    ☹️ I’m so sorry about that. This year was extremely competitive. Just 2 people got accepted (1 Post-Master and 1 MN-NP combined)...
  10. Bloomberg U of T NP 2021

    I'm just wondering how many people are still waiting for their admission decision ?
  11. UofT NP 2017 Fall Admission

    Hi, I just wonder if you got an offer and become an NP now? I’ve applied for U of T NP Program. However, I can’t find any information about the acceptance rate, number of application ... etc... I would appreciate it if you could share your experience...
  12. Bloomberg U of T NP 2021

    Thanks! ? It’s good to know. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I have applied for PHC stream.
  13. Bloomberg U of T NP 2021

    Haha, a high energy kid. I can’t imagine how I can study full time, work part time and take care of a kid. But I know you’ll do great! All the best! ?
  14. Bloomberg U of T NP 2021

    Wow!! Congratulations! I didn’t apply for Ryerson. But it’s good to know. I’m sure some of us have applied for that. So, you’re also in Post-Master NP diploma?
  15. Bloomberg U of T NP 2021

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful! It’s so happy for you. Can I ask you a question? Did you have the admission interview before you got your offer? As I know they may arrange interview, I wonder if you have already gone through the admission interv...