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  1. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    Looks like the fellowship postings got taken down already! Best of luck to you guys
  2. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    Same here, seems like it's tough to get a job in NY! Not sure what NY prefers, hoping they'll at least consider us, LOL!
  3. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    Wow! Excited for those of you who got on demand interviews for the ER. When did you guys apply? And do you have previous experience? I graduate in 2 weeks from an ABSN program and worried I might not get selected since I don't have my official BSN ye...
  4. New Graduate Nurse NYC

    Hi! I'm a newly graduated BSN student fresh out of school with no previous nursing experiences. Been trying to apply for jobs in Manhattan for weeks. NYU, NYP, Mount Sinai, etc., and haven't heard back. Wondering if anyone has experience in thi...
  5. Hi! Just wanted to create a thread on here for the October 2021 Northwell Health RN Fellowships so we can keep in touch with one another. I'm a soon to be graduate nurse and have an interest in ER/ICU! I just applied to both positions today. Loo...
  6. Molloy Accelerated BS/MS Fall 2020

    Hey guys I know I'm sooooo late to this thread but I haven't been able to register for the TEAS exam until literally this week! Does anyone know if they are still accepting applications?! The soonest date I can take the TEAS near me is the 17th!! I k...
  7. StonyBrook ABSN: Class of 2021

    Hey girl congratulations! I've been on the waitlist too - been patiently waiting for that phone call LOL!! Would you mind sharing some of your stats? I'm starting to lose hope and I see they've been calling quite a few people from the list, just wond...
  8. Mount Sinai ABSN Fall 2020

    hey guys! I just recently applied to the PSON ABSN program for fall 2020! Waiting to hear back as my application deadline got extended due to the virus :) would anyone be willing to share why they've selected this particular program over others? I u...
  9. StonyBrook ABSN: Class of 2021

    For those of us who were waitlisted... has anyone been told anything about their place on the list? as in what number they are? i’m so confused about it lol, how do we find out?