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nzaghar1 has 3 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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  1. UNCW DNP FALL 2022

    Yea I got the same email last week too.
  2. UNCW DNP FALL 2022

    Ahhhh….right! So I’m guessing that means we should hear before that date. I applied for FNP track.
  3. UNCW DNP FALL 2022

    Hey everyone!! Just wanting to connect with anyone who has applied to UNCW DNP for Fall 2022. When are we supposed to hear back?
  4. CPCC Nursing Fall 2018

    I am! I private messaged you!
  5. CPCC Nursing Fall 2018

    If anyone is interested in buying the books let me know. I am selling mine. No highlights...excellent condition.
  6. CPCC Spring 2017

    Hi ALL!! I started a CPCC ADN Spring 2017 Facebook group for all who want to join! Just search CPCC ADN Spring 2017
  7. CPCC Spring 2017

    Yes! And spring schedule is available on schedule builder now :)
  8. CPCC Spring 2017

    Your application score is tallied on the application itself. When you put in your TEAS scores and pre req grades, next to it will be points you add together.
  9. CPCC Spring 2017

    I know schedules are going to be talked about during orientation, but does anyone have an idea if the schedule is similar to this semesters? I looked at the schedule through schedule builder and was just wondering if anyone had an idea or if y'all kn...
  10. CPCC Spring 2017

    Have you heard anything?
  11. CPCC Spring 2017

    Congrats everyone! See y'all soon!!!
  12. CPCC Spring 2017

    I got in!!!!!! :)
  13. CPCC Spring 2017

    Congrats!! So happy for all of you!!
  14. CPCC Spring 2017

  15. CPCC Spring 2017

    Congrats RyanUSA!!