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I am an RN with an associate degree acquired in 2011.  I also have a BS in Biology acquired in 1997.  My question is are there any programs that allow me to earn a MSN directly from my BS without having to earn a BSN considering I already have a BS?

Thanks all for any info you can provide!


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Aloha, Maui RN!  My experience and observation is that it is much more likely you will find programs that will take you from your AASN to your MSN, than from a BS in Biology.

Before I started my AASN program, I had a BA (psych--Phi Beta Kappa) and an MA, and I was a licensed marriage and family therapist.  I had a LOT of undergrad hours in the sciences (thought I wanted to be a doctor--ha!).  My masters and bachelors counted for nothing.  LOL, I even had to retake algebra, micro and A&P before starting the associates program.  (Of course it had been more than 20 years!)

I got my BSN (Sigma Theta Tau) and then tried for my MSN but wound up spending about 5 years taking care of my husband (Alzheimer's).  I am looking to try one last time to become an FNP.  

Good luck!!


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There are MSN programs that will accept students who are RNs + have a bachelor's degree in any field but they are not the majority. Since you didn't mention any specialty or type of program you are interested it, it's hard to recommend a specific program. Take a look at schools you might be interested and their admissions requirements. If not listed, you can contact the school and ask specifically. This is a common question so many schools post it on their website or in FAQs. 

One word of caution: depending on the geographic area, some places are very difficult to find jobs for nurses without a BSN. They don't consider an ADN + another bachelor's equivalent to a BSN. And if, for any reason, you don't finish you MSN, employers will still not consider you having the equivalent of a BSN. Since you could probably finish a BSN relatively inexpensively and within about a year, it might make more sense for you to do that and then be able to apply to any MSN program you want. 


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Thanks for your insights. 

I found a RN to MSN ladder program that includes earning a BSN at Western Governors University. 


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I'd highly recommend getting your BSN it's only 1 year and in the long run it is not that much of a time, it does teach vaulable skills, then go for your MSN and pick up some RN nursing experience while you're in school all theory and no practice is no good. Good luck! keep us updated