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Millerea197 has 5 years experience and specializes in Maternity.

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  1. Transitioning from bedside RN to NP

    I am wondering if there is anyone who went on in school to become an NP and ended up missing their bedside nursing position? Or didn't miss it at all? What made the transition easier and what was the hardest part? I'm an L+D nurse currently, but the ...
  2. NYS Students

    Is there anyone else out the struggling to find an online nurse practitioner program that allows New York State Students? I have my BSN, am looking at FNP or WHNP programs, but it seems that no college I have looked at or inquired about (outside of N...
  3. Any Dual ANP or FNP/WHNP Programs

    I'm looking at applying to NP school for next fall and my passion is Womens Health, I currently work L+D. I've done some internet searching and did not come up with much as far as dual programs. I'm worried about not finding a job with just the WHNP ...