Which GPA do DNP programs look it?

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Hey all,

I'm a nursing student interested in applying to DNP programs in the future. I originally earned my bachelors degree in biology and graduated with a 2.1 GPA. After feeling like a failure and confused about my future, I looked into nursing & fell in love with the profession. To obtain my career goal I was determined to work as hard as possible to change my life around. I took a gap year, gained healthcare experience, took the nursing prereqs at my local cc to raise my GPA, and applied to an accelerated BSN program. I was thankfully my with only 1 acceptance from an accelerated BSN program. Now, I will graduate with my BSN with a 3.8 GPA with summa cum laude. I'm looking into applying to DNP programs to further my education in the future after I gain experience for a few years as an RN. However, I was wondering if my acceptance into DNP programs will be hindered by my low GPA from my first bachelors degree. Does anyone know if DNP admissions look at previous bachelors degrees heavily or do they really only look at BSN degree GPAs?

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I believe they look at your BSN because I took had a similar experience as you, BA had a 2.25 GPA, AAS: 3.94  BSN 3.86 GPA graduated with summa something something and got accepted into the MSN:  program of my choice  CUNY MSN: Nursing Informatics easily all while working as a full time RN after my AAS RN so Go for it!  Good luck and keep us updated!

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