NP Programs in New York City or New Jersey

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I’m a BSN student on track to graduate in December. I would like to continue schooling and become a nurse practitioner. I would be interested in FNP or PMHNP, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I know that experience of working as an RN is important, but I’d like to start doing my research on schools already. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any nurse practitioner programs in New York City or New Jersey area. I know that not every school is the best, so I would appreciate if I can get some opinions from people who have personal experience.

Thank you!

Enarra, BSN, RN

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anywhere that's accredited will do no one has ever asked me where I got my BSN, Associates etc only am I an RN? what certifications do I have, do I know how to do XYZ.  There's no need to spend big money on an Ivy league degree vs. a state or city funded school because you'll be paid the same salary the company won't pay you more for your name brand degree.  I know because I have both.  Get some RN experience while you're at it an NP without ever having worked as an RN is practically useless as all you have is theory and no application and experience skills.

I'm getting my MSN in nursing informatics from CUNY SPS but I'm a NYC resident so and its online so its convenient for me and works with my work hours.  If I were to go to NJ I'd be paying out of state tuition.  Good luck and best wishes keep us updated!

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