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yschon has 2 years experience as a BSN, EMT-B.

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  1. Who should decide?

    Yes, 96 or even 196 YO. I am not arguing that this is a good idea. When there is scientifically no hope, the family should definitely be made aware of the difficult reality. However, we respect all cultures whether or not we understand them. Wou...
  2. NYC starting pay for hospitals for new grads

    Would you mind sharing what Mount Sinai Brooklyn offered?
  3. Kings County Pay Question

    Thanks! Do you know which hospitals pay more? What about Mount Sinai, Maimonides, and community hospital? which hospitals in Brooklyn pay the most?
  4. Kings County Pay Question

    Hi, Does anyone mind sharing what RNs get in Brooklyn.
  5. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    I got Cherokee Workwear, and the color was hunter green.
  6. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    For our cohort we were able to buy scrubs from anywhere as long as the color was similar. Many people got Figs, but for those of us that don’t own a money tree, I would recommend Cherokee workware. Again, this is how it was for our cohort, so make su...
  7. Hi, I’m a BSN student on track to graduate in December. I would like to continue schooling and become a nurse practitioner. I would be interested in FNP or PMHNP, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I know that experience of working as an RN i...
  8. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Hey, I’m a current student at PSON. They haven’t told us anything about the format of next semester’s classes, but one of you mentioned hybrid. Is this something that they mentioned to you guys? Did they mention anything at all? Thanks!
  9. Who should decide?

    I thinks that it’s self explanatory, but I can... Even though, in certain instances, many of us might believe that the correct or compassionate thing to do is to let a patient die, many people might have cultural beliefs which disagree. As we al...
  10. Who should decide?

    That is your opinion, and someone with that view would have the right to make such a decision for a loved one. However, others might object and value life even when someone is long brain dead, and that decision is theirs. It’s the USA; we are all ent...
  11. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    I believe that there is a HESI exit exam, but I’m not there yet, so I wouldn’t know. I personally use the Saunders book. I think that it’s great for last minute (or day) reviews before exams.
  12. Thank you! Do you know if the same is true for outpatient nursing. Would NP programs consider nurses that worked out patient less than they would consider nurses with hospital experience
  13. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    This is for the BSN students, but the HESI exam that you take is specific to the course that you are taking. For instance, if you are taking med surg and OB/peds in one semester, you will take the HESI practice questions and exam for medsurge and OB/...
  14. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Firstly, everything I am saying is from the way it was in my cohort. I don’t know that it will be the same for you, but I am assuming that it will be. Those of us that took path and pharm before the program did not have to challenge out; we just...
  15. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    I took both before I came to PSON. For those that didn’t take it, it had to be taken in the first semester along with three other nursing courses. Many of my classmates that were taking path, pharm, or both were miserable, and more than 20 students e...