MSN-PMHNP Student in Wisconsin in Need of Preceptor- Help!

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Hello everyone!

I have been seeking a preceptor/clinical site for Spring 2022 with no luck. I have already extended my program a full semester and postponing my graduation date due to my inability to secure a clinical site. I am running into problems with sites stating they aren't taking students, don't take students who aren't their employees (so I applied and got hired by one but still have no guarantee with a site or preceptor), are only doing telehealth (which my program won't let me do for the first clinical), etc. So many reasons why they won't take a student for preceptorship. It is so frustrating! I have even reached out to paid preceptor services, but they are so expensive! It is hard to put out several thousand dollars when I'm only able to work part-time due to the time necessary to complete my program and clinicals. 
I don't know where else to look. I have reached out to every person I know who could help. I have called over 50 sites with no luck. My university only provides minimal assistance (I.e. an Excel spreadsheet with a list of sites that have worked with students before, yet they don't provide any contact details whatsoever). I feel like I am spending thousands of dollars for my education with the very bare minimum amount of assistance for clinicals. I have posted for help on LinkedIn. I have connected with PMHNPs on LinkedIn and have messaged them asking for help with a preceptorship. Nothing has helped. I am so stressed over this!

Has anyone had any luck finding a PMHNP clinical site in Southeast Wisconsin? What did you do? Does anyone have anyone who can help me with a site/preceptor?


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