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  1. UCSF new grad fall 2021

    Of course! Also, I can't find where I read it now but I believe for Oakland you do have to have your license before you apply because it is just an open position and you start when they need you. So just be aware that this is common if you are search...
  2. UCSF new grad fall 2021

    Oakland doesn't have a set program for new grads according to their site (I copied and pasted below). They hire ongoing and then give you a preceptor but seems like it isn't a cohort and you have to actively be looking for a position to apply to regu...
  3. lucile packard fall 2021 new grad

    still haven't heard anything. their site says interviews don't start until the 19th so I'm hoping that maybe they are just behind in updating the application statuses and we will hear back soon!
  4. I was wondering if anyone has any experience working for MultiCare Health System in Washington? I applied for their new grad RN residency program and have a phone screening coming up with HR but was just wondering what to expect from the hospital. I ...
  5. Retake reapply status disappear on breeze

    hi! I was told I didn't need an additional live scan to retake my NCLEX after I didn't pass the first time, but I just heard somewhere else that I did. did you redo your live scan? I can't get ahold of the ca brn to ask them
  6. Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach

    Same here! I keep on checking almost every day to see if there is an update
  7. Virginia Mason Residency 2020/2021

    I never saw anything on their website for their requirements but I would definitely make sure to put all those hours on your resume when you apply because that will look great! I would also try emailing HR or a recruiter to see if they have any infor...
  8. lucile packard fall 2021 new grad

    good luck! their site said that our application status will be out the week of July 5th so I'm getting super anxious as well
  9. Virginia Mason Residency 2020/2021

    There website says Ambulatory, Med/Surg, Monitored Units, Critical Care, Oncology, Procedural, Perioperative and Emergency departments
  10. Virginia Mason Residency 2020/2021

    I just got an email on the 7th from HR asking what units I am interested in because they are working on setting up interviews in the next couple weeks. Hopefully you hear from them soon!
  11. City of Hope New Grad 2021

    I just saw on another thread that people on fb were saying people interviewed two weeks ago. Calls from HR I guess went out end of May and last until the end of this week I heard.
  12. City of Hope New Grad 2021

    as of the 17th, it says that they are reviewing my application but that's it so far
  13. UCSF New Grad Residency Program April 2021

    they updated their website and apps open July 16-30th and interviews will be in august!
  14. UCSF New Grad Residency Program April 2021

    Not yet but I just sent an email to a different person so hopefully I will get a reply soon and I'll post any information they give me here!
  15. lucile packard fall 2021 new grad

    I applied to oncology and med/surg as well! good luck to both of you guys too ?