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NurseLindsey has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in IR.

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  1. Definitely keep all the clinical experiences but list the student clinicals separately from your professional experiences (agree with in the education section of your resume, literally just list them). It's all about how you explain it when asked abo...
  2. New Graduate Nurse NYC

    Get an entry level position at a smaller hospital, or even outpatient, work for a year and then start applying to jobs you really like. My advice would be to limit your applications to a specific specialty or unit that you want to work on. For exampl...
  3. My odds of getting hired at NYP

    What is the hourly rate? How many hours is the 101k based on (ie. 36 vs. 40)
  4. Want to work in ICU

    I recently accepted an offer for a surgical trauma ICU in the city and I am ecstatic. I have about 1.5 years of acute care experience, mostly in IR, but also floated voluntarily to med/surg and ICU during covid for assistive shifts and in that time l...