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  1. This is my first time applying. My friend who got accepted and already graduated from the program said they really look at your recommendation letters, essay responses and experience. She had a 3.5 GPA which isn’t that competitive but she did get ver...
  2. I meant decision not division sorry. No, that doesn’t mean I got in. The decision letter will say if I did or not. I got the email about 3 weeks ago.
  3. Hi Mopiu, I am applying as a transfer student with a pre-nursing degree. I submitted my application 10/7. I got an email saying I will get my decision letter April 1st.
  4. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2020-2021

    Hi guys, Has anyone applied to the BSN 2022-2023? I can’t find a thread.
  5. PLU, ELMSN-PACIFIC LUTHERAN University 2022

    Hi guys, I applied to the BSN program 2022-2023 and can’t find a group/discussion for it.