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jep395 has 1 years experience and specializes in emergency and intensive nursing.

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  1. Medications in the Modern ED

    The is a collection of the most common medications encountered in emergency treatment (in my own experience). It is by no means exhaustive. On the contrary, I have made effort to remove medications that although may be textbook standards of care, I h...
  2. NYP Housing

    I am curious if anyone has any information about NYP's East Campus (Cornell) housing. I have heard that studios are cheaper than than some of the surrounding area studio apartments. But I have also some negative things (maintenance, no lease, etc)....
  3. Any ED nurse EMRAP listeners?

    Does anyone listen to the CME podcast EM RAP? If you do listen to it I'm curious if you feel the subscription is worth the money? I understand a new edition came out specifically for RNs. But RN edition or not, I have heard a lot of good things a...
  4. NYC Hospitals that Hire New Grad RNs?

    I'm not sure about NYP. I know some people in Sinai who were hired straight into the ED as of 2012. And lots of people who transferred in from the hospital after a few months at Sinai. So I think it is still possible. Watch for ED openings on the...
  5. NYC Hospitals that Hire New Grad RNs?

    New York Presbyterian Cornell accepts a couple of new grads into the ED every year. NYU's ED has taken a couple of kids (but they knew someone who knew someone) officially, they do not take new grads. Mount Sinai used to take new grads into the ED ...
  6. NYP ED Residency

    I'm looking for any information at all about the NYP emergency department residency. Positions available? Competitiveness? Whether new graduates are still even accepted into the ED? I'm a BSN student graduating with externship experience in a differ...