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  1. Radonda Vaught Was A Guest On A Good Nurse / Bad Nurse Podcast

    I'll give you the "botched liposuction" guy. That was criminal recklessness and might be in the same arena as the RV case. The other two are irrelevant though-- one was committing fraud for pharmaceutical kickbacks (so, not related to medical treat...
  2. Radonda Vaught Was A Guest On A Good Nurse / Bad Nurse Podcast

    I learned that there has only been one case in the US-- EVER-- of a doctor being convicted on criminal charges because of an action they took while working. If you heard the Dr. Death podcast, the doctor was Christopher Duntsch. If you compare his ...
  3. Radonda Vaught Was A Guest On A Good Nurse / Bad Nurse Podcast

    100% I agree with this. Whatever errors she made— she should lose her nursing license. She should NOT be criminally charged.
  4. Severe Depression In Career Choice

    Hang in there. And definitely consider outpatient. The last time I stepped foot in a hospital was my last day of clinicals. I was hired at an FQHC (a clinic for low income people) as a new grad and have been very satisfied with it. Every job has its ...
  5. Pushing IV Meds Without Scrubbing Hub

    I like the advice you’ve gotten to “let it go”! In a stressful situation I’m likely to blurt out “OMG hurry up!” or something similar. Most people aren’t at their most gracious when they’re stressed. I wouldn’t give it another thought, since it was ...
  6. Have you ever given a ride to and from work for your colleagues?

    I think I’m glad I’m not one of his coworkers. If I didn’t have a car and a coworker offered me a lift, I’d gladly take it! Until that coworker started hinting around about how, since he’s a young male and I’m a slightly older female, it just su...
  7. For the record, I’m in a very blue US state and we haven’t had anything that could possibly be conceived of as a “lockdown” since March of 2020. I feel like the right wing keeps talking about lockdowns, and acting like that’s a thing in the US. In my...
  8. Arrested: Two Nurses made $1.5 million off fake vaccination cards

    This is the way bigger offense IMO and should be the headline, rather than the card thing! She can say she didn’t fill out the cards (how would you prove she did?) but if she actually signed on to the state system and e-signed the record… wow. How d...
  9. Arrested: Two Nurses made $1.5 million off fake vaccination cards

    The vaccine card thing makes me insane. I’m a vaccinating nurse. Those cards are pieces of card stock, printed on a regular printer. “Forging” a card isn’t something where you need FBI-level technology. Just print one off the computer. It’s free. Th...
  10. How to Overcome the Battle With the Sunday Scaries

    Also— plan things to do for Sunday! (Or whatever the day before your shift is). I know in my family, we have a tendency to book Saturday full and then sit around the house all day Sunday. Which is too much opportunity to sit and be anxious! Better t...
  11. What is something you never thought you'd have to say to a coworker?

    Yessssss ?
  12. Got The Worst Score On Quiz In My Class

    Solution is don’t ask your classmates what they got!
  13. Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    I am primarily a housewife. My husband earns so much money that my salary from part-time nursing is pretty irrelevant to our finances. I work because I enjoy it, and because sitting around the house gets boring. However— my coworkers work because th...
  14. That’s literally the point everyone is making. No “it do not” (sic) sound safe to anyone.
  15. I am going to be hospitalized for a minor surgery soon and I am frightened. Particularly because many hospitals are still disallowing family visitors. Which, I’m sorry, is incredibly irresponsible. When I am incapacitated because of a surgery, and my...