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Gi rn acm has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Endoscopy.

Started off as a new grad in PICU then after a few months moved to a med Surg unit for my sanity. After about one year of med/Surg I worked in a clinic for a year as I contemplated going back to school for my masters. Then after a year and not deciding to go back to school for I decided to look for a more challenging and something different. That's how I ended up in the endoscopy unit. I've been there for about 2 years and think I have found my long term job 

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  1. Recoveries at night

    Thanks for your input RainMom. Where I work it is one of the procedural RNs that have to stay and do the phase 2 part of recovery. Just curious to see what others do.
  2. Recoveries at night

    I work in an endoscopy unit where we have very little activity at night. In the case that we're called in for foreign body cases in the middle of the night the egd is done most cases as an outpatient. We go in remove the foreign body ( mainly just fo...
  3. Room turn over times

    Yes. They want us to have the patient out of the room immediately after procedure and have the next patient in the room hooked up to monitors by the time they finish their notes. The big problem that I see is that a majority of our case...
  4. Room turn over times

    Just wondering how turnover different places turn over outpatient endoscopy suites. We usually have two people working with he physician in a procedure room. What we do right now for turn over is to call out to the people we have floating ( helping t...