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  1. Post procedure phone call from nursing

    Thanks, tippeny!
  2. Does anyone have a template that they can share? I work pre/post anesthesia in a hospital based endoscopy unit, with the majority of patients being outpatients. We’re going to be starting follow up calls, and I only have an outpatient surgical script...
  3. The Amazing Explosion of "Excellence"

    NayRN, you said it all: "It doesn't matter if they got good care, they just have to think they did.
  4. Isolation mnemonics??

    My search works. This is from someone that said she had copied it from another post: My Chicken Hez TB---Spiderman---Mrs. Wee. Its how you remember the mnemonics for isolation precautions. AIRBORNE(private room, negative pressure, DOOR CLOSED, N-95)...
  5. Rewarding tenured staff - what have you seen?

    We gathered ideas on about this several years ago, but none were implemented. Some ideas, based on years of service (we were talking about staff that had 20-25-30 years in the hospital and most were scheduling tweaks--no cost): Limit number of all ho...
  6. Everyday Cheat Sheet?? It's really just a fancy way to fold a sheet of paper to make a little 6 page book. I have the info I like in small font saved in my documents and just paste and copy what I want--Unit specific numbers (manager, charge, all the phones) ...
  7. Do you have a "Work You" vs. a "Home You"?

    At work, I'm paid to be nice.
  8. Family complaint? Throw the nurse under the bus!

    One of my coworkers wants to post a notice: If you can't do it at WalMart, you can't do it here!" Must have shoes, shirts; can't eat food walking in the aisles; can't follow staff into areas where it says Staff Only....
  9. Is this normal?

    Why don't we trust A+O people to take meds in the hospital (can't leave meds at the bedside, must watch them swallow), but we send them home and expect them to do it?
  10. General Rant.

    I'm a diploma graduate from about 25 years ago. Many hours of clinicals and 1 hospital taught me how to be an entry level nurse at that hospital. I think orientation would have been easier there only because of familiarity with the MDs, RNs and ancil...
  11. Just let me go!

    re: a pt with both a living will and MPOA--The language in most LWs says something like "in the event of a terminal illness or persistent vegatative state" I want /do not want.... In my work place, MDs still pretty much believe that terminal illness ...
  12. night workers- how do you keep a normal routine/life?

    I've worked nights since for 20+ years, the first 2 were 11-7, 7-7 since then. My "schedule" has changed greatly over the years, it really depends on your life. I've gone from single and living with parents to married, to 1 kid, to 2 kids. Every chan...
  13. When do the nurses get a chance to "fill out a survey" about the patients? Did they smile, did they show interest in learning about their meds, did they volunteer to walk 3 times on post op day 1 or did the nurse have to "encourage" them, did they us...
  14. Scheduling...

    Self scheduling--as long as you schedule a combination of 3 Fri and/or Sat and 1 Mon and 1 Thu. That's 5 of 12 shifts. I guess the "self" part comes in cause you get to pick which Mon you want to work!
  15. help w/client? Tips?

    There was recently some information in my local newspapers about the use of pictures with dementia patients. I can't find any references about it right now, though.