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Nursegal2020 has 5 years experience and specializes in ER.

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  1. Starting in Cath Lab- nervous

    Hi there! I am starting a new position in Cath Lab next week and I’m NERVOUS. Here’s why: I worked 2 years med surg then 1 year ED (technically 9 months because I broke my wrist.... anyways). ED was definitely “fun” but once I was on my own after tra...
  2. ER to GI.

    @Peachpit thank you so much for the reply. You really eased my mind and opened my mind as well to m-f. So many 12 hour shift opportunities, why bot be open to 8s. Thank you so much!
  3. ER to GI.

    @ILoveGI thank you for the reply! Sounds like your facility gives nurses a great amount of independence, that is awesome. I find GI interesting as well. Hoping things workout and I can get out of the ED soon!!
  4. ER to GI.

    @kitten0509 Advanced endo sounds awesome! Good luck to you!!
  5. From er nursing to endo

    Hey Ryan I’m thinking about making the same move, ER to GI. How are you liking it? Are you still there? I know this post was from awhile ago ?
  6. ER to GI.

    Hello! Quick background, I have 2 years med surg experience and decided to switch to ER January 2020 just in time for Covid to start LOL. I liked ER at first but now it gives me full on anxiety. I cry before almost every shift and wish someone wou...