Advanced Endoscopy Unit job change


Hi! Looking for pros/cons from nurses who have made the transition to GI nursing. I am shadowing next week in the Advanced Endo Unit, I have already interviewed. It's a busy Level 1 trauma center, I currently work in the ED, and have a 4 and 6yo at home.

Pros: potentially less stress due to nature of ED vs. procedural area. Hours 10a-630p 4x shifts/week, with 2 of those being late call until last case is finished. No nights/holidays/weekends. I would pay less for benefits with increase in hours. Potential for salary increase if negotiation is allowed. 

Cons: Would be forced increase in hours, decreasing flexibility to work extra at my convenience. Fiance works mostly during the week, and around my current schedule, so we would likely have to hire someone for school pickups/babysitting to supplement, or he may have to seek alternate employment (works part time and self-employed, so moderate flexibility). Right now I work a lot of weekend shifts. Not sure I can negotiate for higher salary as this would be a lateral move, but I plan to ask. Fiance would have more nightly duties with kids (dinner prep, bedtime- generally stressful for either of us to do alone). Less days of during the actual week. 

I'm less stressed about the nature of the work itself, and thinking more about the work/life balance. Although, I do worry sometimes that it might not be the career change I'm looking for as I don't know a ton about it. But, I have 8 years MS-tele, and 5 years ED experience, so theres that!. thanks in advance for any advice!! 


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With your experience if you are offered the position and it doesn't work out, you would always be able to go back to M/S/Tele or ED I'm sure. I would suggest asking the nurse you shadow with about the call requirement - how often they end up staying late/getting called in. That may be the make or break for you w/having kids.