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  1. Urology- Void Trials post prostatectomy

    Hi! I'm new to the Urology division and I'm doing a lot of post-robotic prostatectomy catheter removals and void trials. I'm wondering what practice method you use to fill the bladder and then pull foley and void. I'm trying to establish which method...
  2. Diluting Ativan?

    I've always diluted per pharmacy guidelines for my 13 years of nursing
  3. ED to PACU? Looking for less stress

    All excellent questions! the PACU is in another level 1 trauma center, so similar to the one I work in now, thought I'd be going from the city to the community- still.a teaching hospital though. There would definitely be other nurses working. I'm ass...
  4. ED to PACU? Looking for less stress

    Please see my previous post for more details. Long story short, I'm an RN of 12+ years experience, most recently 4+ years in ED of level 1 trauma center. I'm burnt out after the last year, working day/night rotation (every two weeks) with two young s...
  5. Per Diem pros/cons

    Any thoughts about PACU??? I just found and applied to a 20 hour position, evenings. This would be the minimum I could work, still maintain benefits, come off nights. Would this be less of a stressor you think?
  6. Per Diem pros/cons

    Thanks for the advice so far. I can clarify a few things. I'm on Levothyroxine and Vitamin D supplements and seeing an endocrinologist already for my health. Yes, I'm overweight and have poor energy/fatigue. This is part of the problem. The day/night...
  7. Per Diem pros/cons

    Hi everyone, RN of 13 years here. I’m employed part time (24 hours/week- day/night every 2 week rotation) in the ED and I’m burnt out. I need to get out of my perpetual “fight or flight” state and relieve some stress somewhere so I can once a...
  8. Hi! Looking for pros/cons from nurses who have made the transition to GI nursing. I am shadowing next week in the Advanced Endo Unit, I have already interviewed. It's a busy Level 1 trauma center, I currently work in the ED, and have a 4 and 6yo at h...
  9. ER to GI.

    I'm following this thread, I also work in the ED (5 years) and will be shadowing in the advanced endoscopy unit next week. I've been wondering about this transition as well- I made a pros and cons list. I'll be increasing my hours from 24/week to 32/...
  10. Need help with boundary setting

    I've been a nurse 8 years. Recently transferred from doing MS/tele (more like a step down) on a very busy 20 bed unit at a level 2 trauma teaching hospital to a Level 1 Trauma Center in big city teaching hospital. I've found the transition to be ok, ...
  11. Salary- Boston Area

    I've recently applied to a position at a Boston hospital and trying to find salary information. I currently have 7 years experience in med-surg telemetry and I'm making 34.90/hr. I work in a teaching hospital just outside Boston and I think this is l...
  12. I've been a med-surg/telemetry nurse for 7+ years. I want to apply for a Nurse Educator position that requires 3 years in clinical cardiology. Just trying to figure out if this qualifies me or if it would be inappropriate to apply. Thanks.
  13. Nursing Students, prepare to get a job!!!

    Promin, though you make a good point about there being jobs elsewhere and flexibility is key, part of the reason there are less jobs here is because hospitals are hiring from within... which means that they are benefitting their aides. Why would a u...
  14. Hey everyone, this is mainly for Nursing students in school possibly going to be entering their last year. I am graduating in exactly 30 days. yay! I work as an aide at a major hospital in Burlington, MA (if you're from around here you know which on...
  15. Hiring Freeze

    A couple friends of mine are doing their preceptorships at MGH too this semester, and they told me that there is no need for nurses at this time at MGH. Crazy.