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  1. where else do ER nurses go?

    out of curiousity, how many years have you been in "the hole?" everything that you said, sounds just like me. after 9 years of being I the ER, im finally getting out to go to endoscopy. based on my experience, employers don't really care about ER exp...
  2. I start in the ER next week!

    so heres my input on your situation youre a medic, your colleagues will know youre not an idiot and familiar with the emergency setting. here are the differences between being a medic and being a er rn 1- you will now have x patients at the same time...
  3. "Bleed" an IV line

    is it just me, or is the tubing absorbing some insulin not really affecting the patient at that time. if the tubing does absorb some insulin, the patient will still get checked every hour, and adjustments made. at the end of the day, does it hurt the...
  4. to be or not to be a CEN

    if you can pass the CEN exam even without the years in the ER, you get my respect its a test that cannot be passed simply by being in the ER for 50 years. it shows that you have the knowledge. Lets be real, certain topics on that test you will most l...
  5. New to ER

    i remember when i first started in the ER, i wanted the senior staff to take me serious and not as a new nurse i passed my CEN in the first year and they congratulated me. i passed by CCRN in the 2nd year and they looked up to me i act like a idiot a...
  6. Triage question

    it might take a little while, but you definitely need to develop a relationship with your doc to show that they can trust your judgement
  7. Triage question

  8. Triage question

    If that was me, i would put it down as abd pain, esi 3. A quick ekg would most likely get ordered anyway so a normal ekg would just further back up an abd pain. Romi would probably get ordered anyway just to make sure, but hell most likely get treate...
  9. good bye ER... maybe

    Been in like 5 ERs but i always had one home ER I also did ground critical care transport for several months, one of the best er jobs nobody talks about Flight is hard to get into
  10. good bye ER... maybe

    Im a 29 year old male whos been working in the ER for 9 years. During my career in the ER, i obtained CEN and CCRN status. Im arguably the least "serious" RN in the unit, but youll live with me Anyways, after 9 years of pushing dilaudid, giving out "...
  11. From er nursing to endo

    ive been a ER nurse for 9 years. I needed a change so I recently accepted a endo position over going to the OR. ill be replacing somebody who retired from endo after 30 years. the rest of the team have been there for forever basically, I just want so...
  12. Transitioning into another specialty

    Once you leave medsurg, you get into a specialty.Why do you want to leave dialysis?
  13. New to dialysis

    I guess it depends on the person. One unit might fit one better than another. I cant see how a dialysis unit is more crazy than the ER which is where im coming from. With that said, ill crap my pants in a pediatric or maternity unit.
  14. New to dialysis

    I have a friend who works as a dialysis tech... If he can do it anybody can... I dont see how the RN role is that much more difficult.. SeriouslyYears of experience means nothing... The quality of those years is a different story...With that said... ...
  15. ED to dialysis?

    I currently work in the ED with almost 6 years of experience. I have my CEN and CCRN certifications, with CPEN coming along the way. However, i have zero dialysis experience.Im thinking about getting into dialysis while staying in the ED as per diem....