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  1. NYP "Unlicensed New Grad Nurses" Posting

    can you please dm me the contact info for the recruiter?
  2. Northwell Health January 2021 Fellowships

    which one and location did you apply for? the January fellowships were posted not long ago so there is still hope!!!
  3. Northwell Health January 2021 Fellowships

    about 4-5 days after
  4. Northwell Health January 2021 Fellowships

    I fnish an on-demand interview so does anyone know when I would hear back? thx
  5. Northwell Health Fellowship July 2020

    hi what kind questions did they ask for indemand interview?
  6. Northwell Health January 2021 Fellowships

    has anyone done a ondemand interview before for fellowships? What type questions do they asking?
  7. Mount Sinai NYC New Grad

    Hey! You can adjust the filter settings under the website's search bar and choose specific hospitals under the dropdown "brands". sometimes their posting has initials like MSQ which is mount sinai queens. hope this helps Hey! Can I ask...
  8. New Grad GI Nursing

    Hey guys, new grad here. I have an interview upstate for a GI position. I would like to ask what type of patients you see on the unit. Do you get a lot of cdiff patients? I have never been on the floor before so I don't know
  9. Mount Sinai NYC New Grad

    Hey! Can I ask about your hiring process? Were you hired after applying online or did you have someone refer you? I've been applying and really want to get hired there. Some of my applications aren't in consideration anymore but some are still "under...
  10. Hospital for Special Surgery Residency Program - August 2020

    Hi guys. I recently applied to a position on HSS but the submittal status says does not meet minimal requirements. I haven't gotten a rejection letter yet but will they still review my application? I am also a new grad and I did apply to a position t...
  11. Mount Sinai NYC Hiring Process

    Hey I also have some questions. Are you able to email me first because I cant PM you either. my email is
  12. How to land a RN job at NYP

    Which NYP talent acquisition recruiter did you email? Please PM me.
  13. New Grad Interview for ICU

    Oh wow! That sounds so great! Genuinely so happy for you, congratulations!! I'm currently still applying for positions and haven't heard back yet.
  14. New Grad Interview for ICU

    Hello, new grad nurse here as well! Did you go through your interview yet? How was it?
  15. NYP Hiring Process

    Hi guys! Can anyone tell me how long it took for NYP to look at your online application? Some of mine say no longer in consideration whereas some still say application submitted. Thanks.