You too can pass the CGRN

by Rebecca G. (New) New Nurse

Specializes in GI. Has 18 years experience.

Hi All,

I just wanted to share some insight into preparing for and passing the CGRN.  I passed my exam in November 2020 and I will tell you what I did.  First, allow yourself at least 4 to 6 months of preparation.  Ideally, you should study at least 1 hour every day but we all know life gets in the way so the longer you have to prepare those days that you can't study won't hurt you as much.  I dedicated an hour most days and maybe 2 -4 hours on rare occasion that the time was available.

In addition to using all of the tips and guides on the ABCGN website, I used the SGNA Gastroenterology Nursing: A Core Curriculum 6th edition and the Mometrics Test Prep with flash cards.  While these aren't perfect they are the bulk of what I studied and the material in them certainly appeared on my exam.  I also completed some of the SGNA Continuing ED.  resources on their website, which did help.

Know your drugs!  Also bear in mind that this is a nursing exam, so they are going to question you on scenarios about patient care.  It also pays to be familiar with as many GI conditions, syndromes and disease states as possible.

Lastly, prepare yourself mentally.  Get hold of your anxiety, remember to slow down and read the question - they give you plenty of time.  Follow some test taking strategies about choosing answers when you are unsure and don't go back and change answers.

I hope this helps make you feel more confident as you prepare for your exam!