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  1. Endoscopy Education/Resources?

    I have "The Little GI Book: An Easily Digestible Guide to Understanding Gastroenterology". This book is helpful regarding medical diagnosis and it is easy to read, it would not be helpful with the nursing aspect. However, it may give you more insight...
  2. Post procedure vitals

    Thank you everyone for responding to my post. This was very helpful.
  3. Post procedure vitals

    Hi everyone! I am helping to set up procedure and policy for my facility. I work at an outpatient MDs office that only does EGDs and Colonoscopies, this office is under the auspices of a major medical center. How long do you document vital signs post...
  4. Exactly! If you have input. I didn't!!! Sometimes it worse having bad help than no help at all, because you have to clean up after them. I have a nurse who was kicked out of 3 jobs before coming to my office, she has been barely a nurse for over a ye...
  5. Hi Spotangel! I really enjoyed your article, I work in a clinic too. My pet peeve is people think working in a clinic is an easy job, its not always. My other problem is people think new nurses without experience should work at these clinics. Acute c...
  6. Would you be insulted?

    Hi Princess Bride! I felt the same way on my unit too. I didn't precept either in my ICU, I was not a big personality on my unit. I kept to myself but I got annoyed I was not ask to precept. When I finally got the opportunity I did shine but it was t...
  7. Prep(s)aring For A Colonoscopy

    I thought Phospo soda was taken off the market because it can cause kidney failure?
  8. Hi everyone! I'm thinking about applying to Acute NP program. I left critical care 8 months ago and am working for a hospital private practice. I left for better pay and benefits. I worked in critical care for 6 years and have my CCRN. Do you think I...
  9. BSN is a joke

    OP if you are unhappy with your BSN program, withdraw, you get what you put into it. If you want to know about EKG interpretation and other things, seek opportunities in your hospital or on the outside. Nursing being in taught in colleges, is a rece...
  10. What makes a good manager?

    When your staff wants to leave or transfer to other units, be gracious about it. Don't take it personally and try to sabotage it for them.
  11. What are my options outside of a hospital setting?

    Your instructor is one person. Once you finish school, you can pursue whatever opportunity you can find. If you would like to work med surg nights, why not, go for it. You probably have performance anxiety in front of your instructor. Tell your profe...
  12. What is a FGP nurse? ?

    Its a faculty group practice, meaning the doctors teach at NYU medical school.
  13. Loss of motivation for school

    Hi Everyone! I'm ADN who is trying to finish my BSN program. When I was in the LPN and ADN nursing programs I was very motivated about school and did very well in both programs. Now I can't even finish the BSN program, I have lost my drive for school...
  14. I worked as a UAP in a hospital while I was in school and it was a great experience. I gained confidence in interacting with patients. I learned telemetry monitoring, phlebotomy, and other useful skills. I read charts during downtime learned about me...
  15. Rant:How NOT to be a nurse

    I would call the DOH on this hospital for placing your grandmother in a restraint. There was no reason for it, a fall is not a justification. You have the right to complain and state usually takes unlawful restraints as a serious matter. Just remembe...