Mic Key g-tube clogging


I'm not a new nurse to my work but this has frustrated me greatly... The extension tube keeps clogging when I am administering calcium citrate with vit-D... The orders call for it to be crushed and given with water. 

The other nurses use hot water and wishful thinking to get it in. The calcium clumps at the tip of the extension tubing and clogs it requiring you to disconnect and fiddle with it. It seems to me to be very annoying to administer calcium. 


Other then hot water, any tricks to administering calcium? 


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I got the order to call for a liquid formulation.  Used to be able to buy the brand we were using for that client at the grocery store.  As I recall, there was one bottle for the calcium and one bottle for the vitamin D.  

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liquid... oh that would be nice. I'll look into it thanks! Sometimes the most obvious isn't seen.


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All I had to do was to calculate the amount to give the correct dose and write up the order and the doctor signed it.  Sure like it when doctors cooperate.