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mvnRN has 8 years experience and specializes in Endoscopy.

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  1. Endoscopy Education/Resources?

    It’s not a great work environment at all. I’m on call this week actually. I’m kind of brushed off by the anm when I talk to her about it and she thanks me for being understanding/flexible about my less than ideal orientation (I also didn’t mention th...
  2. Endoscopy Education/Resources?

    Thanks I’ll definitely look into it! That’s kind of what I’m looking for, rationales to what I’m seeing/doing during the procedures.
  3. I left the floor during covid to start a new position in the GI lab. I like it a lot so far but with everything going on with covid my orientation was kind of cut short unfortunately. I’m on my own now which is okay for the most part I am comfortably...
  4. Post procedure vitals

    For our outpatients receiving propofol they get one initial set of vitals and a second set in 15 minutes. If VSS they dc home. Most spend 20ish minutes in recovery.