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  1. Ditto to what SmilingBluEyes said above. When you hear your coworkers gossping about others, guess what? They are doing the same about you! I really have to get to know and trust someone before I will share more than my dog's recent shenanigans. Like...
  2. 2BS Nurse

    I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    Also adding insult to injury... only your employer is "in network" and you're forced to use them for healthcare. This means our coworkers have access to our charts when we come in for health care.
  3. I don't care what people think. Most RNs I talk to want to get OUT of the hospital!
  4. 2BS Nurse

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    "Traditionally in an agricultural society people worked in whatever capacity they could, and as they lost abilities, other family members picked up the tasks. I wonder how many people today will have enough saved to provide for the future they hope f...
  5. 2BS Nurse

    Nurses Calming the Chaos of Conflict- Part 2

    Events of the past two years have led to extremely contentious workplaces and views are expressed within earshot of patients. Very unprofessional. In my opinion, it's up to management to set expectations (and follow through) about political discussio...
  6. 2BS Nurse

    AIDET: Aiming for Quality Service

    Using AIDET works with probably 90% of patients, but there are that 10% who will never be happy. Duration is a tricky one. Telling a patient "the doctor will see you in a few minutes", then the Dr. takes his/her own sweet time to enter the exam room ...
  7. 2BS Nurse

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    My apologies. I should have only quoted the "It's that they don't know HOW to do the MA job" part.
  8. 2BS Nurse

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    toomuchbaloney: Unfortunately, this is an organization with 35,000+ employees and bad management is rampant. It's not unusual for them to hire former car dealership managers. One of many reasons I left. I've heard of RNs doing Medicare wellness...
  9. 2BS Nurse

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    "Isn't there a clinic manager who is responsible for those duties?" The managers tend to "delegate" everything they can. Klone: It sounds like you work for a great organization. Sadly, where I worked the RNs had to know all of the above so...
  10. Once you start your job you'll realize there is a diverse range of intelligence among staff. Most nurses display average intelligence. It's most important that you are a safe nurse, pay attention and think through things (are not impulsive).
  11. 2BS Nurse

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    "the clinicians room their own patients". I think our jaws would fall to the floor in amazement if we EVER observed this happening! "The RNs CAN'T do the MA job, legally. It's that they don't know HOW to do the MA job. Because they are t...
  12. 2BS Nurse

    Feeling Unvalued

    I'm so sorry that's happening to you! Do you have other employment options in your area? Tell them you're not going to stay if this is the policy! Can you become a travel nurse yourself?
  13. 2BS Nurse

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    That was part of the problem. No clarity of roles and responsibilities. MAs in my state have a wide scope of practice (they can pretty much do any skill except IV push meds). They aren't technically supposed to triage, but there is a find line that i...
  14. 2BS Nurse

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    I am currently training a "retired" nurse in her 70's for a temp position. It's been fun! The EHR is challenging, but I don't have to worry about her being safe with patients!
  15. 2BS Nurse

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    @klone: "Our MAs have quite a bit of longevity at our clinic, so no revolving door". Consider your clinic lucky. There are so many MA jobs for the taking in my area. They are very difficult to recruit and retain. If you're not expected to leave...