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Orca has 27 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Corrections, psychiatry, rehab, LTC.

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  1. Orca

    About Gout | Knowledge is Power

    I have had tophi in strange places. About a year and a half ago I had olecranon bursectomies on both elbows (done one at a time about a month apart) because my elbows protruded abnormally. Prior to the surgeries the elbows would periodically become i...
  2. Orca

    Diary of a Nurse Who is Not 'Exceptional'

    I worked for a place that pushed ANCC certification. Unlike your place, we received nothing for the certification. It just gave the hospital something to brag about, at our expense (literally). I didn't renew it after the initial certification period...
  3. Orca

    Being sued

    My first injection was given to a patient on an OB-GYN floor. I was nervous enough as it was, but also the ordering physician had written the order in grains. Fortunately, I had my handy-dandy conversion table with me, and I figured out how much that...
  4. Orca

    Quitting My Job: Returning My ID Badge- Should I be Petty?

    The first question that occurred to me is why the employer is insisting that the ID be delivered in person. Mail makes a lot more sense, given that the OP is in the middle of moving, and a 150-mile round trip to turn in an ID badge seems over the top...
  5. I have had several facility tours conducted by medical staff. Officers are only necessary when you are performing a duty that will put you in close proximity to inmates.
  6. It wouldn't have mattered. The disease spread worldwide, and if it hadn't come from China, it would have come from somewhere else.
  7. Orca

    War on Nurses

    I also fear that such an approach might be utilized by the profit mongers to justify even lower salaries. Instead of a way to augment more experienced and better trained nurses, they might instead be viewed as replacements to lower costs.
  8. Orca

    Getting gate cut

    I was off the board for a while, took some time off just after Christmas. I see that you managed to get a message through. I will assist you however I can.
  9. Orca

    Paramedic discrimination?

    I'm not an EMT. I said that a classmate was. I have been an RN for 27 years.
  10. Orca

    Manager Falsified my initials

    This is a very important point. Following the chain of command doesn't include simultaneously notifying everyone above your supervisor. I have found it beyond annoying to have to explain a situation to my supervisor, who has been dragged into a probl...
  11. Orca

    Nurse/Patient relationship

    Others have stated the same, but resist any temptation to create a social relationship with a one-time patient.
  12. Orca

    Patient Yelled At Me And I Feel Stupid

    If this is the biggest mistake that you make in your career, consider yourself blessed. From the sound of it, you encountered someone who is angry and demanding. Throwing the basin is not a sign of someone who is rational or in control. If she loses ...
  13. Orca

    Which Religions Exempt Covid Vaccinations?

    I was tasked with finding information on religious exemptions prior to my agency adopting a vaccine mandate. The Muslim faith actually encourages vaccination. The only religions that I found that actively oppose it are the Church of Christ, Scientist...
  14. Exactly why I didn't bother to renew when it came due. It simply wasn't worth the money.
  15. Orca

    Advice Needed- Challenging Employees

    Bluntly put, it isn't the subordinates' place to question the work assignments or schedule of their supervisor. You owe them no explanation. You have the authority to make assignments, and you have done so.