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Nursing is my second career, and I'm so glad I made the change. I don't always love it, but most of the time I do.

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Ado Annie has 11 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. Ado Annie

    Sunday March 13 2022

    Hello to all Joe, our grandson is in a high school production of The Little Mermaid, in Indiana (Syracuse), next weekend. Small world. I would also love a review of Evita. Tweety, the Billie Holiday story sounds interesting. Gra...
  2. Ado Annie

    Thursday March 10 2022

    Good evening all. Hubs' procedure went well and his colon is in great shape. I've been lazy the rest of the day. "Mandatory town hall" meeting at the hospital tomorrow regarding "hospital status". Hope it's just an update on the timing of the new bui...
  3. Ado Annie

    Wednesday March 9 2022

    dianah -- what a busy job! I agree with the advice to let them honor you as you retire. Congratulations! All -- hope you have good, productive (or not, sometimes we need to unwind) days. Last night when I got home hubs was in a funk. Maybe...
  4. Ado Annie

    Tuesday March 8 2022

    32 degrees when I drove to work this morning. And they're talking about a little snow Thursday night. Stars -- I feel for you RE: Nannie. I commiserate with you. Hubs refers to his days with his mom as "groundhog day": "I'm going home" "I've go...
  5. Ado Annie

    Friday March 4 2022

    Y'all crack me up. Yeah, I had to find my own CPR renewal last time and it was a drag. Drove to the city to do it. Did get reimbursed my $60, though. First week is in the books. Consisted mostly of obtaining access to about a gazillion da...
  6. Ado Annie

    Wednesday March 2 2022

    Good day, all! Joe, I never thought about going to the library to exercise 🙂 Actually, that thought came to me when I read your note, but then I realized that there could easily be an exercise class at a library. In any case, I salute your effor...
  7. Ado Annie

    Monday February 28 2022

    That's what I liked about the story, too.
  8. Ado Annie

    Monday February 28 2022

    Diana Gabaldon or something like? I read the first book. Enjoyed it, and the series, but oh, those steamy scenes! 😳 Glad Nannie didn't have serious injuries.
  9. Ado Annie

    Monday February 28 2022

    Hey, all. Drank from the proverbial firehose today but there's still a lot there. I do think the job will be doable but I think I might miss patient care. Not that I won't be called upon from time to time. Still feeling tempted by that travel pay. ...
  10. Ado Annie

    Sunday February 27 2022

    J22, we've been getting Hello Fresh meals for a few months. Especially with me working nights meals were such a struggle. These are good, fairly easy, and I spend about the same if not less because we do fewer fast-food runs. We get 3 meals/week but ...
  11. Ado Annie

    Friday February 25 2022

    Dough is rising. I had a fall on Thanksgiving and had a radial head fracture. It let me know today that there is still some healing to do before it will be comfortable kneading dough. It is so much better than it was that I really can't complain. I'm...
  12. Ado Annie

    Friday February 25 2022

    Well, the former manager who is supposed to give me some very brief orientation didn't make it in today. And the wildlife rehab says no need to risk trying to drive there today. I think I'm going to try making J22's yeast rolls. Tweety, are you...
  13. Ado Annie

    Thursday February 24, 2022

    Tweety, I'm saddened by the events in Ukraine. Feeling helpless. Joe, we are a small choir and my inability to attend every week doesn't help. Especially when, like this week, we don't get to have rehearsal on a night I could be there! I miss ha...
  14. Ado Annie

    Wednesday February 23, 2022

    J22, any tips for keeping the kitchen warm enough for dough to rise?
  15. Ado Annie

    Wednesday February 23, 2022

    Choir practice is definitely NOT happening tonight. Sleet has been falling since about half an hour before my shift ended. The pic is from when I got home.