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Marjorie Taylor Greene is a White Nationalist


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Marjorie Taylor Greene who does not deserve the privilege of serving as a representative of the US Congress, spoke at a white nationalist conference.  Traitor Greene is a huge Trump supporter, GQP propagandist, and a vocal White Nationalist!  I am not surprised given that she is whacked and like many Trump supporters, in favor of that trash dictator, Vladimir Putin:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized for speaking at white nationalist conference (

Stand firm fellow Americans!  Denounce white nationalist who have taken over the Republican Party via Trump, uphold democracies everywhere, and support the Ukrainian people


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MTG is wasting time in Congress having been stripped of all committee positions or collaborative work.  She's doing a good job of representing the political mindset that elevated and continues to support Trump. Those supporters don't seem to mind that she is making them look gullible and vindictive. 

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Before introducing Greene, Fuentes told the crowd, “Now they’re going on about Russia and Vladimir Putin is Hitler — they say that’s not a good thing.” Fuentes also asked the crowd to “give a round of applause for Russia” and responded, “Absolutely,” as attendees chanted “Putin! Putin!”

Paul Gosar of Arizona was there as well.

That fringe of the party has completely lost their minds.  I'm glad they are fringe but that they even have a voice in congress is very disturbing. 

Romney on the other hand hopefully represents some semblance of sanity in the GOP, and he does when he said " “Morons. I have morons on my team.."

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1 hour ago, Tweety said:

Unfortunately, Romney and other real conservatives like Romney, are the fringe of the current Republican Party.  Trump is in control of the party with wacked out trash like Greene. Until the unhinged, I.e. Trump supporting politicians, are rooted out and denounced as white nationalist propagandist anti-American and real-life terrorists that they are, they are not the fringe of the party.  Unfortunately, they are the Republican party under their Fuhrer Trump.  

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Actually, I though calling her a "white nationalist" was too kind.