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ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr
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SummerGarden has 14 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ED, ICU, MS/MT, PCU, CM, House Sup, Frontline mgr.

Currently: An Assistant Department Manager in ICU, Pulmonary Stepdown, and Cardiac Cath units.  Nursing Background: Cardiac Step Down,  Emergency/Trauma, ER-OBS/CDA, House Supervisor, ICU, Medical Surgical Ortho, Medical Surgical Telemetry, Neuro/Stroke Step Down, Progressive Cardiac and Pulmonary Acute Care, ED & Hospital CM/UMR.

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  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a White Nationalist

    Unfortunately, Romney and other real conservatives like Romney, are the fringe of the current Republican Party. Trump is in control of the party with wacked out trash like Greene. Until the unhinged, I.e. Trump supporting politicians, are rooted out...
  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene who does not deserve the privilege of serving as a representative of the US Congress, spoke at a white nationalist conference. Traitor Greene is a huge Trump supporter, GQP propagandist, and a vocal White Nationalist! I am no...
  3. Health Statistics

    Whatever you choose, you don't have to study and struggle alone. Live in your professor's office hours, get tutored, and/or join an excellent study group! Good luck.
  4. Meet Major and Champ Biden - First Family Dogs

    Yes! I love Tabbies, they are the best! Does anyone know if Willow is a rescue? All the kitties that have owned me and my household have been rescues. ?
  5. January 6 Select Committee

    Exactly! Traitor Trump is a criminal. He is just not a convicted criminal.
  6. President Biden thread

    The Squad is a clique within the Democratic Party. The Squad's lack of power in the Democratic Party is in no way equivalent to the actual power of the anti-American, hateful, racist, selfish, crazy Tea Party of yesterday who are now the anti-Americ...
  7. Meet Major and Champ Biden - First Family Dogs

    Commander is a higher rank compared to Majors, so that is a cute name given he is younger than Major and the new pup in the family! More puppy news: Biden's new German shepherd draws attention from pup-arazzi ( and paste into another ...
  8. President Biden thread

    No, President Joe Biden is a good person and not a dictator. The real dumpster fire of an administration was led by Trump. A hateful incompetent misled 4 years of nothing but failed White Supremacy policies cannot be matched by anything any preside...
  9. PhD interview

    Congrats on your acceptance!
  10. Statistics course for PHD

    In general, universities and colleges have different course names or numbers for courses that might be the same. Thus, in order to take the right course, you should look at the course description in UCI's catalog, then find a school that is offering...
  11. Staff Management And Nursing Assignment

    OP, what do you mean unsafe? If nurses receive the proper training and competencies, how is this unsafe? My hospital did something similar during the first 3 surges of COVID, where they only cross-trained current and former ED and ICU RNs who ...
  12. Stephen K. Bannon Finally Indicted

    Trump commuted and protected every loser, liar, manipulator, con-artist, and criminal that served on his campaign, gave his campaign money, or talked on Fox News or that White Nationalist brown shirt outfit, Newsmax, praising him and echoing his MAGA...
  13. Stephen K. Bannon Finally Indicted

    Anti-American White Nationalist loser and huge Trump supporter, Stephen Bannon is finally indicted: Stephen K. Bannon Indicted for Contempt of Congress | OPA | Department of Justice
  14. President Biden thread

    Tucker Carlson, is a reflection of Trump Supporters in every way. Tucker Carlson is popular with Fox viewers because Fox viewers are Trump Supporters. Tucker Carlson says out loud, to make money, what Trump Supporters feel (angry), think (hatefully...
  15. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Trump is a terrorist too.