Public Club the White House's newest feline - Willow

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I've gotten the scoop on this green eyed 2 yr old tabby - Willow, was first seen by FLOTUS at a Pennsylvania farm, named the cat after her home town: Willow Grove.   Looks just like my mothers cat who had to be given to another family in 1957 due to my allergies.

Philadelphia Inquirer

You’ve got to be kitten me. The Bidens’ new cat is from Pa.


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I love that name and the kitty. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs myself. Have always loved animals. Glad to see they are in the White House. It's good for the people there.


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What a beauty! Thanks for posting some feel-good content in what is otherwise a seemingly unending stream of vitriolic nonsense (a.k.a., the U.S. Politics forum).