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sirI is a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Education, FP, LNC, Forensics, ED, OB.

I have been a member of allnurses® since Jun 24, 2005. I am a WHNP-BC-E, FNP-BC, LNC, and Educator. Specialty areas include, Advanced Practice Nursing, Legal Nurse Consulting, Forensics, OB, Emergency/Trauma, and Education.  I am honored to be able to give back to the nursing community and serve as Administrator at allnurses.

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  1. sirI

    Tuesday March 8 2022

    Hello. Busy day. Meetings here, too. Was still able to make a meatloaf for tonight w/creamed potatoes and English peas. I made a mistake with Sunday's music and had to rearrange things before the office printed the Order of Service. Also, h...
  2. You are welcome, @tnt98
  3. Hello and welcome to allnurses @tnt98 We moved your thread to the School/College Programs forum for the best responses. Good luck in your Nursing program.
  4. sirI

    Monday March 7th 2022

    Now that I said I could not find that particular thread, @amoLucia, it occurred to me that @dianah is the one who started it several years ago. Right???? If so, maybe we can get her to submit another one? I vaguely recall she submitted it as an Artic...
  5. sirI

    Monday March 7th 2022

    I'm in the South. I searched a good while for that "novella", @amoLucia, but could not find it. If you had known the exact title, I would possibly have been able to find it. Hi, @No Stars In My Eyes. Yes, glad the tree is not looming over y...
  6. sirI

    Monday March 7th 2022

    Morning, @Joe NightingMale 😁 . Are you considered like an Elder or Deacon in the Church? @amoLucia, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! 🎂 Hello, @Davey Do. 😀 Enjoy your new "technique". Hey there, @Tweety. Just don't get into any trouble since bo...
  7. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    Hiya, @No Stars In My Eyes. All I can think of right now is you shaving Ozzie's butt. LOL!!!
  8. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    I am cracking UP at The Office video. I've never seen this. LOL!! Hoping that you can get an earlier appointment, @nursej22
  9. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    Hi @Ado Annie Poor pup. I hope they find a good home.
  10. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    HAHAHAHAAH! EXCELLENT, @nursej22! I thought about that line when instructing another member about how to find the Breakroom icon in upper right of any page ... just jump from the left (of the page) and step to the (upper) right. I know...
  11. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    Hmmm, I thought that it was just a jump to the left and then a step to the right ... 😵
  12. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    Hi @Davey Do Glad you found the allnurses Breakroom!
  13. sirI

    Friday March 4 2022

    Morning @Joe NightingMale and @Tweety I wouldn't even know where to begin to find distant relatives (cousins, etc.). I keep close tabs on children and grands. Don't get to do in-person visits but a couple of times a year (COVID and don't live cl...
  14. sirI

    Monday February 28 2022

    Thanks, @Tweety. Appointments went well. Some changes, but nothing earth-shattering. Hi, @nursej22. Just blow the bunnies back a little bit until they're out of sight. Problem solved. 🤣 Waiting on Pastor ........... 🤪
  15. sirI

    Monday February 28 2022

    Morning, ALL!! Hi @Joe NightingMale. Glad your temps are better. Speaking of temps in the 80's, it should be close to that here as the week goes on. Sun is out and it's so nice. Have a couple of Dr. appointments today. Probably will bake ch...