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dianah has 47 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Cath Lab/Radiology.

CA girl, born in Hawaii, raised in Northern CA, live in So. Cal last 35 yr

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  1. dianah

    Sunday March 13 2022

    Joe, How cute, a lily pad! Good she did well, and that she likes theater work. 🙂 I want to hear a review of Evita, if you will? Tweety, how cool, a production about Billie Holliday! I look forward to hearing about it! Didn't end up going...
  2. dianah

    Saturday March 12 2022

    I have never journaled, nor do I often dream. If I DO dream, I rarely remember the dreams. But I do music. 🙂 🙂 😄
  3. dianah

    Saturday March 12 2022

    Good morning all! Joe, brrrrrrr that's COLD!! What play is your niece in, and what part does she have? Kinda cool to see her perform! What are you making in the crock pot? Tweety, 42 is cold too, for this SoCal gal! 75 is OK during the ...
  4. Just a reminder: There are two approved ways to create a special place for your cohort. One: create a facebook page. This link may be posted. Two: create a "club" for your cohort by clicking on the Breakroom link in the yellow bar to t...
  5. dianah

    Tuesday March 8 2022

    Hello to all! No one at work has approached me to ask what I want, but I know they will be planning something. My colleague (who will be retiring a few months after me), when I mentioned "I wish I could just quietly leave. Here one day, gone t...
  6. dianah

    Monday March 7th 2022

    Hello, hello all! We arrived home today around 2pm, after a 5-hr drive from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We had a great time: good bands, good jamming, good visiting, great food, mostly good weather. Two days were VERY cold and windy! So no jamming...
  7. dianah

    Saturday February 26 2022

    Hello all! We arrived to camp around 7 last night, after a late lunch stop to meet with our bassist and visit. There were about 50 RVs in a large gravel parking lot, and though it was 50 degrees there were three jams going on, ppl gathered aro...
  8. dianah

    Tuesday February 22 2022

    Yes please!
  9. dianah

    Mayo Clinic Summer 3 2022

    Hello, just a reminder of the Terms of Service: There are two approved ways to create a special place for your cohort. One: create a facebook page. This link may be posted. Two: create a "club" for your cohort by clicking on the Breakr...
  10. dianah

    Saturday February 19, 2022

    Hello all! Tweety, hope you are adequately staffed today, and you don't have to stay OT. I have heard we are having a staffing crunch as well (not just nurses) at our facility. I guess I am contributing to it, choosing to retire now. I do hav...
  11. dianah

    Wednesday February 16, 2022

    How cool that you volunteer at a wildlife rehab! Do they utilize your nursing skills or have you doing other tasks? I have a friend who does raptor rehab, and we have visited a couple of times (been hissed at by owl babies ❤️ ). I have heard that ...
  12. Once you accrue 15 posts (you have 10 so far), you will have access to the messaging used at allnurses.com. 🙂 The number required is in place to discourage ppl from joining with ulterior motives, and then spamming (sales, etc) via Private Conversa...
  13. dianah

    Tuesday February 15, 2022

    Hello all! Busy day at work. I was assigned to the Stress Lab but as no one was doing Case Management, I ended up putting out several fires there. Our patients in the Stress Lab did well, so that's good! I left a few tasks for my office partn...
  14. dianah

    Valentines Day Monday Feb 14th 2022

    Hello all! nursej22, that restaurant food sounds delicious!! Hope you can get the savings you need on the prescriptions. I saw an ad for an online pharmacy, and then an article in Forbes: "Billionaire Mark Cuban Opens Online Pharmacy To Provid...
  15. dianah

    Super Bowl Sunday February 13 2022

    Tweety, (and I'm sure you know this!) Jade is so precious! Does she ever play with or cuddle with your dogs? Does she use the pee pad at her own home, or go outside for "business?" Joe, what did you make in the crockpot? Something to go with ...