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  1. Just new started job but received better offer?

    Current job is a small company that only owns one hospital and one long term care facility for trach/vent kiddos in PA.
  2. Just new started job but received better offer?

    Thanks! I am in the Philadelphia area but have nursing licenses for PA,NJ, NY, and NJ.Traveling for an hour and a half isn’t a problem for me(although if gas is $10/hour it will be) It just seems that each time I start a job, something better...
  3. So after making a thread here on crappy health benefits, I found a job that pays more and has cheaper but better benefits than the job I just started on March 2. The one with better benefits is waiting for me to accept the offer. Would it ...
  4. How do cases qualify for skilled nursing?

    This is something I’ve always wondered! But in my neck of the woods, nurses actually turn down the higher acuity cases, in part because the agencies do not pay nurses extra for high acuity cases . My agency is starving for trach and vent nurses ...
  5. Student burned at school

    Crying but vss
  6. Student burned at school

    The principle was asking me why I didn’t call 911 immediately. IDK, when I worked in the ER burns were considered urgent, not emergency like MI I wonder if the parents decide to sue, who will they sue? Me?
  7. Student burned at school

  8. Student burned at school

    12 The principal made it seem it was my fault for letting the diabetic students use the microwave. I also admit I called 911 25 min after it happened. I immediately called parents first, calmed student and dressed the wounds, then called 911. T...
  9. Student burned at school

    student was heating up some food in microwave and another student bumped into her. She got second degree burns all over her chest. I feel so bad. I was told by the students that they can use the microwave because previous nurses let them use it. The...
  10. I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    No you are not pro rated for the number of kids you have. It’s the same whether two or eight. I will say with this plan an employee plus one child is slightly less than an employee plus children
  11. Any RN and/or BSN nurses here in private duty?

    To be fair, for most nurses that work in hospitals and LTC, the skills needed in homecare Pdn are different. Most nurses in both settings don’t work with trachs or ventilators. I was at a rehab center for seven months and could tell you the numb...
  12. I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    I am noticing this more and more. Salaries went up,health benefits are stripped to the bare bones. I won't even mention pension plans.
  13. I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    Are you saying my problem is having children and not the cost of health insurance?
  14. Caliotter One of my fav in the PDN forum. She keeps it real
  15. It seems to be a great time to be a nurse right now. All of the opportunities presented seem endless! But why does it seem like employers do not want to offer decent health insurance AND decent pay? I just left a job that basically had no i...