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  1. Family refuses to meet in person

    The agency never went out to the house? Red flag! I know agency management has gotten really lax about leaving the office since Covid, as in they never leave and just do everything via phone or zoom, but they should at least be ensuring a safe place ...
  2. Meet and greets? How to save my sanity?

    My agency will not allow anyone to go out to any case before a meet and greet. The parents have to "approve" you before you before you can work with them. Agencies are giving parents more and more control like the scheduling issues you brought up. Ar...
  3. Does anyone know how exactly insurances agencies determine how patients qualify for skilled nursing private duty? I got hired by an agency that currently has about 40 cases. One trach/vent case, maybe 15 higher acuity cases, and the majority of the r...