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  1. Family refuses to meet in person

    So I was contacted from my agency about a new case they could have coming on. I agreed to the potential hours and they set up a meet and greet. The baby can't come home until all 40 nursing hours are filled. The day before the meet and greet the fami...
  2. How do cases qualify for skilled nursing?

    It's actually that overseeing physician that has a lot of say in cases keeping private duty nursing. I imagine most doctors sign the 485 for re-certification without even reading it, I also imagine a lot of families when visiting the doctor play ever...
  3. Meet and greets? How to save my sanity?

    I make it known that I won't go out to anything unless they pay my hourly base wage while I'm at these meet and greets. NJ minimum wage is $12/hr and the big agencies in the state are all paying $10/hr for trainings and meet and greets!? Not sure how...