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  1. Hello, I currently work in HH as a visiting field nurse with adults. At the beginning of the month my car got hit leaving a busy street where patient lived. The constant calls, emails, charting, etc plus having to still work on my off days (char...
  2. Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    Sorry I’m just now seeing the whole second page of comments LOL disregard!
  3. Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    I’m doing home health right now and thinking of switching to dialysis. I have done time in ER, med/surg oncology, outpatient IR and now home health. I love HH but hate having to be on call and I’m always thinking about work- there’s no clocking out. ...
  4. Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    Do you work 4 days in a row?
  5. Returning to med-surg

    Op curious what you ended up doing. I am in the same boat now doing home health. I love it but soo tired of ALWAYS working and I have such social anxiety I can’t stand when my phone rings! Lol
  6. New to HH/ Rant/ Advice

    Hi guys, I just started in home health about 4 months ago. I absolutely LOVED it the first couple of months and couldn't imagine doing anything different, felt I hit the jackpot with an amazing company. The patients are amazing and actually appreciat...
  7. Med-Surg v. Telemetry/Step-down

    The med/surg floor I work on has a lot lower acuity patients than the tele/step down units (those are like the above posts have described). Our patients are basically "obs" but may require longer stays because they need IV abx, blood transfusions, TP...