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Adele_Michal7 has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Pediatric.

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  1. Adele_Michal7

    Wall of Shame

    That is something my former don would do!! That is definitely messed up, and I could see it really disturbing visitors/family members (to say nothing of what would happen if a state surveyor saw it!!!)
  2. Adele_Michal7

    ADON that doesn't listen

    Not too sure what you're asking
  3. Adele_Michal7

    Staff turnover

    Oh that's nothing. We've had nine nurses leave this summer.
  4. Adele_Michal7

    Would you work on the same unit as your ex sister-in-law?

    No way, and I don't think I'd want to work with any family members.
  5. Adele_Michal7

    Misusing the low paid nurse

    If I am understanding correctly, that would mean each licensed nurse had 60 patients and each CNA had 60 patients? If so that is wildly unsafe for everyone involved. And if the acuity of the building is that IV patients are accepted, that's really tr...
  6. Adele_Michal7

    Is private duty nursing a stable job? Options for LPN's?

    Run from private duty!
  7. Adele_Michal7

    Foot Care

    This is a really old thread, but Atrac-tain is the holy grail for feet. It is a miracle worker.
  8. Adele_Michal7

    PDN and boundaries

    That's sad, and IMO abuse that's reportable to state agency.
  9. Adele_Michal7

    PDN and boundaries

    I was never able to do it- one of the many reasons I left pdn
  10. Adele_Michal7

    Animal Vets Sterilizing Human Females?

    I'm still confused
  11. Adele_Michal7

    A simple reminder of why we do what we do, for everyone to reflect

    Cringing hard at your post, OP. Skipping your own nourishment to chart on patient care isn't only unnecessary: it's illegal. Most corporations take meal and labor laws pretty seriously. Nurses that say they skip self care, etc for the greater good of...
  12. Adele_Michal7

    Animal Vets Sterilizing Human Females?

    Ummmmm I have never heard of this practice
  13. Adele_Michal7

    Favorite sayings?

    "Falls come buy one, get one free and I'm not in the mood for a bargain tonight."
  14. Adele_Michal7

    Directors covering open shifts

    That's AMAZING that you do all that other stuff! That's so helpful. Ours will not do anything related to the floor or patient care whatsoever.
  15. Adele_Michal7

    Using Hand Sanitizers - Is a squirt and go method enough?

    Oooh I abhor that foam. It feels nasty. I do not like most alcohol sanitizers either. The only one I like is genuine Purrell. But I only use it if no other option: I prefer plain soap and water.