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  1. Independent Practice - Business

    I think you can have a better answer about this if you get connected with nurses entrepreneurs or those who have their own practice, most of them are Aesthetics can check linkedin, saw a lot of them and some actually post about their jour...
  2. California Baptist University BSN Programs

    Love seeing pages about school here in Allnurses. It's a great resource and help to those who has a lot of question about their program and school.
  3. Professional Responsibility vs Family Needs

    When they are stirring those minors to use of drugs..that is very concerning and I agree with some comments need to report that.
  4. best ICU for CRNA school?

    I hope I can help you but the 1 thing I know for sure is that they would require you to have at least 2 or more years of practice in ICU. Maybe you can check linkedin, make connections there with CRNAs.
  5. ICU NURSES/OTHER NURSES Dealing with COVID patients

    I'm not an ICU nurse but I have a close friend that works in Cardiac ICU and yes, they do have patients who are completely vaccinated die due to complications from COVID but their numbers are way smaller compared to those who are not vaccinated.
  6. Just new started job but received better offer?

    Just set an expectation that your status would be "non-rehirable" anyways if you don't like working for them because of their crappy benefits, I think you wouldn't mind that status. So go to a job that serves you best.
  7. OB Nurse Navigator Questions

    First time I heard of OB Nurse Navigators. What does your contract says or the duties and responsibilities?
  8. SICU vs Coronary ICU as a new grad

    How did you do in the interview?
  9. Feeling Very Sad At New Job

    I've been to several jobs and what I usually do, if they don't ask me to come to an event or outing or their so called "team building" I don't care, would I want to spent hours with them denying and ignoring me? ofcourse not. I'd rather spent the day...
  10. Workload fair or no?

    This is unfair but their rebuttal with you is that they gave you a heads-up about your duties and responsibilities. This happened to be before when I was working as a company nurse. Aside from nursing duties, I also help in the HR when they are swamp...
  11. Temporary Lifting Restrictions?

    That is rough. It's not just lifting that you can do on clinicals, why they would not allow you to attend? You can observe and do other things.
  12. Caring for the Caregiver

    We must also learn how to set boundaries to avoid burnouts and exhaustion. It could be hard at times especially if we need to say "NO" but practice makes perfect, we can't use up all our energy for all the "YES" that could have been a "NO".
  13. Annoyed Parent

    It could have been avoided if the teacher advised you that she called the mom, but anyway does the school have any protocol that teachers should not explain anything to the parents? I think that is when everything went downhill.
  14. Restroom Accidents

    Agree with k1p1ssk, it really starts at home. If you are implementing bathroom sched and at home they will just let her wear pull-ups then you guys are just going in circle.
  15. Seeking Constructive Feedback

    No words are needed at all. Just show up and show them how efficient you are in your work.