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  1. Resident Thinks I’m A Fake Nurse

    Tough skin should develop and get thicker as the years go by. Own and embrace your disability wholeheartedly. You must learn to assess and work thru any possible insecurity you may have because people can be ignorant and mean in nature. I su...
  2. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    If you let it, Nursing can take all of your joy away and crush your spirit. You have to have faith. Get some champagne or your favorite piece of cake and celebrate your new job. Take it one day at a time.
  3. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    girl, forget them people. Start applying for another job.
  4. Does Joint Commission have any credibility left in 2022?

    Those organizations are lying in bed with one another. It's a waste of money.
  5. When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    go on a short strike during this pandemic delta stuff and let's see what happens... The hospital areas that have horrible staffing before the delta variant even arrives are going to be in an even bigger problem problem months from now.
  6. RN patient ratio in dialysis

    Why is every specialty in nursing difficult?? Shouldn't there be at least a few specialties in which u r treated with respect and not treated like a slave?? I'm one of the nurses in acute care that need a break. (especially after this covid mes...
  7. Getting off the "do not hire" list?

    the good old dnr list. It's a tactic done to bully nurses. 90% of the time, the abusive system holds no merit. It's what bitter miserable people do when they hold little significance in life in order to make themselves feel temporarily less insecure...
  8. New Nurse - Unsafe Hospital

    the going over ratio is bs too. If you show the money, the nurses will be there. Unfortunately, many of the hospitals are deciding to not share resources with frontline workers.
  9. RN pay in the Bay Area, CA?

    even with the cost of living adjustment, florida is still screwing nurses out of money.
  10. New Nurse - Unsafe Hospital

    if this were a male dominated profession, this foolishness would not exist. Just start refusing patients after 5. They can't fire every nurse.
  11. RN pay in the Bay Area, CA?

    that's what some of them do. The Bay area, San diego, & LA have very high rents but the bay is the worst. No one desires to really fix the problem.
  12. Burn Out

    Believe it or not, I am back motivated to work and I'm just hoping the motivation sticks around. I plan to have smaller short term goals to reward myself along the way and to force myself to take mini vacations on my time off from work. (For ex: boo...
  13. Burn Out

    I've literally experienced burn out twice this year. I believe it is due to covid situation. I've experienced burn out multiple times in the past but never has it lasted for over a month nor did the burn out phase happen more than once in a year. ...
  14. Covid ADN vs BSN

    Are the hospitals still looking at ADN vs BSN in regards to hiring practices? Based off of arguments in the past supposedly backed by research, facilities alluded to higher education being paramount to uphold safety standards despite everyone passing...