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Robmoo has 26 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in BSN, RN, CVRN-BC.

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  1. Alarm fatigue is a real problem. The only way that I can see to combat it is for nurses to push for shared governance. The multitude of educators, administrators, and HIM professionals who dictate our every-day practice need a balance. Shared gove...
  2. A good nurse or a bad nurse? Seriously? Radonda over-rode the safety systems in place to protect her patients and inspite of multiple warnings gave vecuronium instead of versed. Her patient lay there paralized but completely aware as she suffo...
  3. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    Regarding your pregnancy, I wouldn't make a bet on not being discriminated against. Yes it isn't legal, but the burden of proof would be on you. If you want the job then accept it. Try to get an appointment with an OB within 2 weeks and if you...
  4. Your plan A is a solid plan. Get your vestment, earn your BSN, get your tuition reimbursement, and then get out.
  5. Gov Cuomo took it one step further and mandated that nursing homes had to accept COVID19 positive patients. Nothing like cleaning out the nursing homes for the sake of "the future." Sweden took a similar approach. But that is a topic for a differe...
  6. They quit asking us if we've been exposed and switched to just asking if we were having any symptoms.
  7. Med Error

    I haven't seen much in the way of attacks. I have seen a few posts regarding the seriousness of the error. Have you done some education regarding insulin and IV inulin use? Please don't leave nursing. Have you taken steps to get a regular jo...
  8. No! However, if you think that a colleague has COVID19 and isn't taking the appropriate test you do have a duty to report this up the chain of command. People can be exposed to COVID19 at a grocery store or any place else for that matter. Don'...
  9. Med Error

    Ovier-riding the safety systems that are in place to protect the patients is a HUGE red flag. Yes, as humans we all make mistakes. How many have made a mistake of this magnitude? This mistake cries out for remedial education and working in the...
  10. Med Error

    So you over-road the built in safety systems by giving insulin before the double sign off and then you gave a 100 fold overdose of insulin. Reporting to the BON is that director's responsibility. You need to do some remedial education regar...
  11. IV antibiotic administration

  12. The main reasons for purging all air from and art line is that number one air is compressible. Since it is compressible it will mute your wave form and destroy the accuracy of your pressures readings. Number two any air traveling into the blood str...
  13. I'm Done

    Darwin fixes stupid. We just don't have enough Darwin to fix all of the stupid. From the sample of Darwin that we've had in the last year, I'm not looking forward to more Darwin.
  14. Big Med Error.

    You are allowed to be human. You didn't try to cover up your mistake. You did what was in your patient's best interest. Your patient will be OK. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Once that is done it is time to address why the mist...
  15. Quitting without notice?

    You are still in the probationary period. No notice is required. Do pay them to courtesy of calling to inform them that the position is just not a good fit. If HR asks if you would do an exit interview then give them a few minutes of your time. T...