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Nursemedic74 has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in Emergency.

I am an ED nurse with background in acute care both CV and Neuro.  With  that, I hold a paramedic cert working such positions as firefighter, flight medic, tactical medic, private ambulance , paramedic educator for over 16 years. 

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  1. Nursemedic74

    Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    Congratulations on being a mother! That is a full time job by its self. As for the the booster, you are not forced to get anything. Nurses are in high demand right now. You always have choices … but I challenge you with this, what did you eat ...
  2. Nursemedic74

    I Am Absolutely Miserable Because I Hate Being A Nurse?

    I have always said and felt, that if I lost my sense of empathy or compassion … it’s time to go. Most people don’t leave their jobs because they hate them, it’s usually management. What you described is normal in nursing, I should say an expected n...
  3. Nursemedic74

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    It seems right now people, as a whole, have decided to take a stand as to what they feel is “morally right.” The sad part is this country fails to unify do to one reason or another. There as been race issues, gender inequality, rights to a person...
  4. Nursemedic74

    I Am Absolutely Miserable Because I Hate Being A Nurse?

    What you feel, is what every nurse has felt at one time or another or is feeling now. If things weren’t bad before, covid took what little was left and made it worse. No one truly knows what it’s like but other nurses. This is a personal choice an...
  5. It’s an overall statement, not just an excerpt of what I posted. I am fully aware of what and why I’m upset when it concerns the situation. I might at some point travel and face what I am frustrated about. The fact is, the travelers I have wor...
  6. I work in an ED and we have some traveling nurses. I won’t sit here and say it doesn’t upset me that we are doing the same job and sometimes less (lack of training and knowing policy or population) and getting paid more. They have no vestment, ...
  7. Nursemedic74

    Personal Life Affecting Work Life

    In my experience, when you don’t go into something strong, prepared and ready then the weakness will be exposed and start to fall. Communication is the core foundation of everything including marriage and if that fails, you will have situations come...
  8. Nursemedic74

    Reluctant Heroes: Thoughts On COVID-19

    I feel like I didn’t sign up for this but in reality I did and more. I took the oath and that choosing to do so meant whatever happens including a pandemic. What wasn’t including was lack of protective equipment, unsafe staffing ratios and cutting ...
  9. Nursemedic74

    Covid Vaccines

    Interesting and scary! The potential is present but there hasn’t been any peer review. What are the long term affects, no one knows yet. Yes, the science is there for a new era in treatment but at what cost?
  10. Nursemedic74

    Med error..... Could I lose my license?

    Please don’t presume to know what I do or how I practice. I have 20 years in healthcare as a firefighter paramedic flight medic paramedic instructor and state appointed council member for our DHS. That was all before I became a nurse. It’s attitudes...
  11. Nursemedic74

    Med error..... Could I lose my license?

    Are you serious? It doesn’t matter if the patient is down the hall or been gone for a year. It’s called “accountability” to your patient and your self. What’s the next thing that will go wrong but you won’t say anything for fear of loosing your RN...
  12. Nursemedic74

    Paramedic Prior to Nursing?

    Good question! I have been a medic for 14 years working fire, flight and education. Remember, the two are apples and oranges. The patient care and bedside manner is a plus but they are two different disciplines. I had to unlearn years of experien...