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  1. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    Sounds like a good place to work, where they believe in science, have standards and expect the same from you. You are not between a rock and a hard place at all. You just think you are. People who have read all the appropriate information f...
  2. Protect yourself as much as you possibly can. Assume everyone is positive. Finish up getting vested in Aug and get the F out of there. Do NOT stay there. Nobody likes job hunting. Keep your reviews, phone numbers of supervisors , etc and things you’...
  3. RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    Subee - The pandemic sure made me miss the blue bubble I used to work in, where I knew people cared about each other, weren't so prone to conspiracies, and actually studied scientific data. Would still be living there if it wasnt so darn $$$.
  4. URGENT! Please help with job choice

    1. I have done all those jobs but in cities, not rural, and have been a traveling nurse. Rural RNs may be the only one there, and supervising LPNs. You need stellar skills to apply - and with covid, your orientation is going to be minimal 2. You...
  5. RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    Thank you Angitia for outing the states with the most anti-intellectualism. Texas and Montana, you say? Color me shocked
  6. New Grad Stuck In Orientation In A Covid MICU. Help!

    I’m sorry OP. Taking an ICU job in the midst of a pandemic experiencing a surge, surrounded by exhausted coworkers who have nothing left to give? It’s worst case scenario The thing is, the cliques are common in ICUs especially now- right or wron...
  7. Passive Hostility Between Workplace Departments

    Assuming you know who is doing the complaining and have specific examples in case they deny, when I was a charge nurse I did this: I privately and directly confronted the person doing the complaining. Was professional, didn’t throw anyone under ...
  8. I agree with Macawake. Think there’s more to the story, and that you do need to work on social cues. Take an honest look at yourself for why you seem to invite (or create) a lot of drama in your life. This is not uncommon in nursing, btw. Start ...
  9. "Sciencedude1" You have said, last month: I am about to finish my nursing education at a public university in Texas. Just because you enjoy debating/arguing, which you clearly do, does not mean you fully understand science and are "critical...
  10. At War With Ourselves

    I completely agree!! I’ve been working full time in nursing, in nearly every area, since 1995. What is going on with nursing schools these days?!? Is that the problem?? We used to be weeded out. Our critical thinking was tested. Now it’s “...
  11. No autopsies allowed for covid positive deaths?

    This is a bs post stop with the conspiracy theories; we are tired If there is any truth to this, the family could’ve paid for an autopsy or found another Dr to do it
  12. If people listened, cared about their fellow man and weren’t so intellectually lazy, vaccine mandates would not have been necessary. Nothing I’ve said has worked. Until and unless people get sick and find themselves and their loved ones severely i...
  13. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    Oh, we entered "Crazyland" a long time ago on this thread. Want to point out that it's not too stressful to post anti-vax-OMG-is-it-going-to-be-mandatory theories from home where you work doing telehealth, not facing patients directly, and are a...
  14. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    This thread is getting terrifying
  15. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    That is encouraging. Your whole post was, thank God!