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BostonFNP has 11 years experience as a APRN and specializes in Adult Internal Medicine.

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  1. BostonFNP

    Does the federal Covid mandates apply to homecare nurses?

    It's actually a funny little satire article. I hope you didn't share it as something serious though.
  2. I don’t disagree that there is an important role for continued post marketing and real world data analysis regarding vaccine safety in all populations in order to reduce risk for everyone receiving the vaccine. Now that we have availability of all th...
  3. BostonFNP

    Which Religions Exempt Covid Vaccinations?

    Actually none of these refuse vaccination as doctrine.
  4. BostonFNP

    Vaccination Mandating

    Alcoholism and cirrhosis are illnesses. They are not a "choice" (and if you think they are you should either retire or have your license pulled). They can be treated but there is no vaccine to prevent it.
  5. BostonFNP

    Vaccination Mandating

    In light of this discussion thought I would share this because it has been weighing on me for the past two weeks. I have a young patient (30s) that got admitted to my local hospital with severe anemia and hypovolemic shock from a massive GI ble...
  6. BostonFNP

    I Don't Care About Statistics

    Speaking of statistics, I had an interesting discussion with a male patient in his late 60's yesterday who told me he felt safe not being vaccinated because most of the deaths happened in "fat people" with "other illnesses". He seems quite surpr...
  7. BostonFNP

    I Don't Care About Statistics

    I love this analogy! If we use the actual case fatality rate in the US (currently 2%): Average NFL game has 66,500 spectators in attendance. Sniper would pick off 1,330 people per game. Another 4,322 would be seriously wounded. ...
  8. BostonFNP

    Which Religions Exempt Covid Vaccinations?

    Christian Science does not forbid it: "Church members are free to make their own choices on all life-decisions, in obedience to the law, including whether or not to vaccinate. These aren’t decisions imposed by their church." Similarly the Dutch Refor...
  9. BostonFNP

    COVID Vaccine Safety

    Did you actually read what you posted? There is a recurring theme: "This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues.". But like OMG there are so many cases of pyrexia am I right? That sounds bad!
  10. BostonFNP

    No Jeep, No Love: I'm Out Of Here!

    I have a 15 minute commute to work, about 3 exits up the highway. Both ways there is a long straight entrance ramp. That 5 seconds of the drive to work starts my day with a grin and that 5 seconds of the drive on the way home leaves most of the stres...
  11. BostonFNP

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    I mean healthcare is absolutely a business, and is becoming increasingly worse. Even non-profit systems have administrators making huge salaries. For me its a business because I need to keep the lights on and payroll paid.
  12. BostonFNP

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    I absolutely agree that the quality of the care (overall, in this country) is substantially less than it should be for the amount of per capita healthcare dollars we spend. If hospitals were to increase nursing hourly rates to the same as travel...
  13. BostonFNP

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    I am a partner in a independent internal med/primary care practice so I have one foot in clinical work and another in the business side of healthcare (and it's been a long time since I worked as a bedside RN), so this is my perspective, and it may be...
  14. BostonFNP

    COVID Forever Changed Our Society

    We can make a pretty strong assumption about how they made their decision based on their decision: if they wanted to see the effectiveness of the vaccines, the data is readily available and only supports one decision, if they chose the other, it has ...
  15. BostonFNP

    Tell The World

    I’m curious about the inadequate pay. I don’t work as a bedside RN and I’m a long way away from that world, but I’ve always thought/felt that bedside RNs made fairly decent money. What do you think a reasonable hourly wage or salary would be?