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  1. Jussie Smollett Is Sentenced to Jail for False Report of a Hate Crime
  2. Considering that the article starts by stating that the RNC filed a lawsuit against against Ms. Pelosi and the January 6 committee members. Then, in the second paragraph, the article references "the complaint," and links to a copy of the document fi...
  3. No, Mr. Riemer wasn't given "credit for his remarks." Had the intent been to attribute it to him, the paragraph should have attributed the quote to him, rather than "the RNC's complaint."
  4. I see that you copied this from the WaPo article you referenced. And, as they included it in quotations and referenced the RNC's complaint I presume they wanted readers to believe that it was taken verbatim from the complaint. However, the quoted s...
  5. Nurses are waiting months for licenses as hospital staffing shortages spread
  6. Considering that it has been less than 6 months since the first pig kidney was transplanted, how did you come to this conclusion? Even closely matched human organs can be rejected.
  7. Patient in Groundbreaking Heart Transplant Dies
  8. chare

    President Biden thread

    Hail to the Squid – New Species of Extinct Vampire-Squid-Like Cephalopod With 10 Arms Named After Biden
  9. chare

    Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    I think you have every right to be annoyed. As for addressing this in your resignation I agree with @amoLucia. Keep it short and simple as nothing good will come out of you airing your grievances in your resignation. Best wishes.
  10. chare

    Allergic to tegaderm?

    [...] So, not a nurse? You have used paper tape on IVs that you have placed? Or, was paper tape used to secure IVs that you have had placed for therapy? The poster you quoted did listen to the patient. Rather than using a...
  11. I agree, and am typically leery of information available only from limited sources. What I found interesting was your dismissal of Salon and the Independent, both of which are occasionally used by some on this site. I find it difficult to th...
  12. Really? Interesting. As I wrote, I find it more telling that none of those in attendance, as far as I'm aware, have denied it. ETA: Like you, I'm somewhat skeptical that this statement was actually made. Particularly considering, and I a...
  13. Fox News is reporting something they found on a Twitter post? They consider Twitter a source? The NY Post ? I'm snickering. I'm unsure if Twitter was used as the source for Mr. Zelensky's statement. However, there are reports that at lea...
  14. Fox news reported this, it was repeated by the NYPost and cannot be corroborated in other reporting. No Senators made mention of a remark like that after the meeting. I don't find it curious at all that credible journalists and media outlets haven't ...
  15. chare

    Multistate Licensure Question

    As long as you maintain TX as your primary state of residence, your TX license should provide multistate privileges. Something to consider, and where this might become problematic, is maintaining residency in TX, and not being required to establ...
  16. chare

    EPIC question

    If you want to insert this into a smartphrase you need to insert the following: @FLOW(301050:LAST:1)@. 301050 is the row ID. You can determine the row ID for the Glasgow coma scale (GCS) by hovering over the individual component and total GCS by ho...
  17. chare

    New grad military spouse

    This is not necessarily true. Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide a source for this? @Swake113, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act might provide you some relief. Your best course of action to determine this would be to schedul...
  18. chare

    How is this possible and even legally okay?!

    If you haven't retained counsel yet, do so immediately. Don't discuss this with anyone other than your counsel and significant other. Especially, don't discuss this further with anyone from the AG's office, refer all communication to your coun...
  19. chare

    January 6 Select Committee

    First Jan. 6 defendant pleads guilty to seditious conspiracy in Capitol attack
  20. chare

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Tenet locked out the striking nurses? Really? Are you suggesting that even though they were on strike, the striking nurses wanted to work, and Tenet wouldn't allow them to do so? Yes, if it happened this way it would be. Would you be s...
  21. And when have we had such a candidate?
  22. chare

    Tylenol through G tube

    When you say that the patient didn't take any PO meds, what exactly do you mean? That he didn't take any meds by mouth, but enteral meds administered via the g-tube? Or that he didn't take any enteral meds, regardless of route? If the former,...
  23. chare

    Could diploma programs make a comeback?

    Yes, I did. Both the article discussing the UPMC Shadyside diploma program as well as the Harrisburg University (HU) RN to BSN page. The UPMC program is for high school grads. The HU program is for RNs with either a diploma or ADN. Upon su...
  24. So, you don't find it concerning that Mr. Trump can still influence the opinion of 49% of Texas Republicans? I do.
  25. I guess Trump doesn't have as many under his spell as some here want to believe. Actually, I'm gobsmacked that there are still this many that are swayed by Mr. Trump.