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  1. Clinical Rotation In COVID Unit

    I've been provided with a single hospital issued n95 for each of the past 3 semesters, but never fit tested. My school does not allow us to be assigned to covid positive patients. The hospital I am assigned to for this upcoming semester is requiring ...
  2. Santa Ana College ADN Fall 22

    Santa Ana only accepts one Chemistry course on the application. Since you took more than one, use the one with the highest grade. They also do not have a +/- system so all grades are either A B C, D or F.
  3. One of my clinical instructors last semester was an anti-vaxxer. I don’t understand how somebody can have a doctorate of nursing practice degree and still not understand how the immune system works. It was embarrassing going around the hospital with ...
  4. I’m in an ADN program and I’m unable to get any info about getting a covid vaccine from my program. The instructors and staff just refer me to the local healthcare agencies and they are unresponsive. My hospital clinical rotations start again on Feb ...
  5. Santa Ana College - ADN Spring 2020

    No, it doesn’t.
  6. Santa Ana nursing fall 2020

  7. Santa Ana nursing fall 2020

    I got the call and accepted the seat. #12, they’re calling you next time.
  8. Santa Ana nursing fall 2020

    I heard that SAC has called 10 alternates so far, in case anyone is curious.
  9. Santa Ana nursing fall 2020

    No. If I get a call it will likely be in late August.
  10. Santa Ana nursing fall 2020

    I made an appointment with the nursing department to go over my application. I spoke with Dawn this morning and she said that she has already called three people off of the waitlist and she is calling in additional two today. I was also able to confi...
  11. Santa Ana nursing fall 2020

    I just got an email from Santa Ana College. I am alternate 11 out of 20. I think I applied with 85.5 points.
  12. Santa Ana nursing fall 2020

    This does not surprise me. I’m not sure if Santa Ana college has ever sent out the nursing letters on time. It could be worse. When I applied to WesternU, the deadline was November 15 and I didn’t get an official rejection letter until March.
  13. Western University MSN-E 2020

    Official rejection letter for me.
  14. UCI MEPN Fall 2020

    I emailed the school and a few minutes later, I got that reply. It seems like an auto-reply to me.
  15. UCI MEPN Fall 2020

    Sounds like a rejection to me. I didn’t receive an interview.