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Lynker has 3 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC, Rehab.

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  1. Lynker

    Clinical Rotation In COVID Unit

    My school had us fit for N95s just in case, but they won't and will not allow us to be assigned to COVID-19 patients.
  2. Lynker

    Flying solo after 2 ‘training shifts’

    How did you end up doing? I know LTC can really wear you down sometimes. Do you have any questions? I think of myself as pretty well-versed in LTC.
  3. I graduate in about 4 months (yay!!) with my ASN/RN. After I take the NCLEX, I obviously plan on working! So I have two questions: When should I start applying for new grad RN programs/jobs? I think I want to start with med surg in a hospital, b...
  4. So, I'm heading to the med surg 2/critical care semester, my last semester in ADN school in about three weeks! Does anyone have any tips for me?
  5. Absolutely! Sometimes I get happy when bad coworkers call off LOL. But when my favorites aren't there or call out, it's definitely a bad vibe for the day.
  6. No, not at my school at least. We need a 73 for our projects and such to be added. So I think it's similar to yours.
  7. This is soooo true. I just finished my third semester of RN school, onto the fourth. May this time between now and May pass quickly!
  8. I PASSED MY FINAL EXAM!!! I got a 76!! I finally defeated the semester that once destroyed me!! One more semester until I'm an RN!!
  9. Lynker

    The Impact of Christmas

    Absolutely beautiful. Just because we're away from our families during holidays (and any other time, for that matter) doesn't mean we can't have fun and make lasting memories with our patients!
  10. I get you want to keep your business away from other staff, but really? You couldn't give her a few minutes of your time? No offense, but I would not want a nurse like you taking care of me, man to man. I can't imagine being so rigid and uncarin...
  11. Lynker

    Considering Quitting My Job- Had Enough (Kind of a Vent Post)

    By this logic, would they expect the full-timer to never get sick or need a day off? This job sounds shifty. It's a big no from me. ?‍♂️
  12. I bombed my exam today, I got a 70%. The good news is that I only need a 66% on my final to pass. I'm feeling very low right now though. Disappointed in myself for sure....
  13. So proud of you! I needed to hear this with another exam tomorrow ?
  14. Monday, I got an 80% on my second exam! This feels so unreal. I'm so happy! ? One more exam then the final. Then onto my last semester!!
  15. Lynker

    Do you ever wonder...

    I feel this way sometimes. I go to work at the nursing home and go "Okay, now it's all on me?" and it doesn't feel real. Soon I'll feel the same way with my RN....